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Star Trek Into Darkness – Looking At The 9-Minute Teaser

Forget the weather, come and warm your hands around the little glowing gift JJ Abrams has put under the tree for Star Trek fans

And Now We Know Who Alice Eve Is Playing In Star Trek Into Darkness Too

Who is this mysterious lady? The cat’s out of the bag.

Men In Black 3 – The Bleeding Cool Review

What would you do if you met a visitor from another time? Michael Moran finds out when he sees a movie sequel that’s at least a decade overdue. Has time been kind to Earth’s shadowy guardians?

First Image Of Alice Eve On The Star Trek Sequel – Does This Clue Tell You Who She’s Playing?

I think we can assume that Alice Eve won’t be playing a Klingon in the new Star Trek. Here she is, half out of her flight suit uniform and featuring a typically smooth forehead. But that suit is the interesting …

Some Things You May Not Have Spotted In The New Men In Black 3 Trailer

A new trailer for Men in Black 3 launched today and while most of it is utterly self explanatory, some shots seem to merit a little commentary.

Alice Eve Getting On Board The Enterprise For Star Trek 2

Shoestring offspring Alice Eve is negotiating her deal to take a role in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek sequel. She’s apparently set to play a newly invented character – though that’s not enough fun for the internet, so I’m seeing Janice …

Superman Tests Are For Ursa, And Lois Lane Will Appear After All?

Yesterday, we learned that Rosamund Pike, Alice Eve and Diane Kruger were all being weighed up for a lead female role in the new Superman film; at the same time, we were told that Lois Lane would not be the …

These Actresses Are Up For A Role In Superman, But Who Will They Play?

The lead female role in the new Superman movie is up for grabs, and a trio of young women vying for the role have been revealed. Perhaps more interesting, however, is the surprise revelation that the film’s female lead will …