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Hey Marvel… I think Al Pacino Has An Offer That You Can’t Refuse

Al Pacino sat down with MTV and continued to heap praise on Guardians of the Galaxy, referring to it being Shakespearian and how he loved the 70s music. He flat out says he is ready to go to Marvel. He …

Al Pacino On The Way Hollywood Works And The Guardians Of The Galaxy

It’s just a short quote from over at Deadline where Al Pacino was asked about how Hollywood works and if he’s against the way things are done now. His response included a plug for Marvel’s summer blockbuster. “I don’t have …

Despicable Me 2 Clip And First Look At Al Pacino’s Character

A slightly awkward parenting moment and man built for the bowling alley.

Rebecca Pidgeon Has Some Interesting Things To Say About Phil Spector And David Mamet

This is the kind of featurette you’d expect to focus on a writer-director, but there’s no David Mamet here. Instead, we’re hosted by his wife, Rebecca Pidgeon.

David Mamet, Al Pacino And Co. Tell Us Who And What Phil Spector Is

A talking heads and clips featurette for the upcoming HBO movie.

Al Pacino Wigs Out – Full Trailer For Phil Spector Goes Wild

David Mamet’s Phil Spector biopic gets a bit shouty.

Second Teaser Trailer For Phil Spector Lets Al Pacino And Helen Mirren Have A Bit Of A Ding Dong

Netflix might have the big profile, headline grabbing new series but HBO seem to have the exciting new movies.

First Teaser For David Mamet And Al Pacino’s Phil Spector Movie

This trailer is something of a record breaker.

DeNiro, Pacino, Pesci And Scorsese Still Planning Reunion For “Biggest Hit In Mob History” Movie

Scorsese’s The Irishman aka I Heard You Paint Houses just needs to be scheduled.

Al Pacino Is Jeremy Renner’s Rock And Roll Pop In The Lennon-Infused Imagine

Al Pacino as an ageing Rocker? Hawkeye as his son? An endorsement from Brendon? All this is good news.

New Scarface Remake Explained By Its Scriptwriter David Ayer

Writing duties for the the incoming, third pass at a big-screen Scarface story have fallen on David Ayer, the writer of Training Day, the similar but superior Dark Blue and the recently-wrapped End of Watch, the latter of which he …

The Devil’s Confidant – Lawrence Grobel Teaches Me A Few Things About Al Pacino

Lawrence Grobel is the authorized biographer of Al Pacino and the man who, in 1979, conducted the actor’s first ever interview. Pacino’s foreward to the compiled book of Grobel’s articles, Al Pacino: In Converstion With Lawrence Grobel, suggests the depth …

Scarface Is Coming To Blu-ray, Gets New Trailer – And There’s A Lot You’ve Gotta Love

You gotta love Brian De Palma. You gotta love Al Pacino. Gotta love Giorgio Moroder‘s soundtrack. Gotta love Michelle Pfeiffer. And John A. Alonozo’s cinematography. And Steven Bauer as Manny Ribero. Gotta love how Brian De Palma released an uncut version …

David Mamet To Write And Direct Phil Spector Film, Al Pacino To Star

I spent years keenly awaiting Cameron Crowe and Tom Cruise’s long-planned biopic of Phil Spector, despite finding the casting of Cruise a touch mystifying. Then that one seemed to get finally and permanently derailed after Spector was convicted for the …