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The 2014 Oscars Are Over – UPDATED With Full List Of Winners And Commentary

The full list of winners and other business besides.

Ellen Degeneres To Host The Oscars Next Year – UPATED

Ellen DeGeneres is coming back to host The Oscars again. She managed to make a joke out of the announcement on Twitter, but it’s for real.

Full List Of Oscar Winners For 2013

Read one out every five minutes between old clips of celebrity roasts and it’ll almost be the real thing.

Oscars Live Blog For 2013 – The 85th Anniversary Awards

As it happens. Well, apart from the time lag inherent in the TV broadcast system and however long it takes my little fingers to work.

In Case You Missed Them – Some Of 2013′s Oscars Have Already Been Handed Out

Less glitz, less glamour, but all the skill and craftsmanship you could hope for.

Watch: All Of The Nominees For The Best Animated Short Film Oscar

Stop motion, CG and hand-drawn animation all get a look in.

Some Bits And Pieces Of Trivia About The 2013 Oscar Nominations

Prepare yourself for pub quizzes to come.

ILM’s Avengers Reel Is Slick, Convincing Stuff – Oscar Campaigning At Its Best

ILM want to scoop Oscars glory from Weta, and they’ve recruited Earth’s mightiest heroes to help them.

If You Don’t Want To Watch The Oscar Nominations, Watch Spielberg Watching The ’76 Nominations Instead

Will he be nominated for Jaws? Older readers may recall.

James Bond Tribute Set For Oscars, Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Wear Pretty Dresses And Drop Dozens Of Golden Globe Gags

Men in tuxes, ladies in golden dresses.

Behind The FX Of Dredd And Zemeckis’ Flight

For your consideration.

No Bond Film Has Won An Oscar Since 1965, Bookies Reveal Odds For Skyfall

All of that Oscars blah blah is pretty dull, I reckon, so let’s put some money on it and liven it up a bit.

The Academy Want Jimmy Fallon To Host The Oscars, But ABC Might Have An Objection

The Academy are said to want Jimmy Fallon to host The Oscars next year, and to have made some moves on getting him signed up, but there’s a catch.

VIDEO: Admiral General Aladeen Threatens The Academy, America, The West

Oh dear. Looks like The Academy are in trouble. This whole controversy has been better publicity for The Dictator than any of its trailers. Better in the sense of cash cost and buzz, but also better in sharpening up the …

Netflix Bait Their Weinstein Hook With The Artist

The Weinsteins have announced a deal with Netflix which ties up many of their foreign language and documentary films exclusively, and for “multiple years.” Interestingly, they’re baiting the hook with The Artist. Not only is this not a foreign language …

Now The Awards Season Is Really Underway – Ladbrokes Start Releasing Betting Odds

George Clooney, say the bookmakers at Ladbrokes, is the favourite to win Best Actor at the Academy Awards this year. They give 5/6 odds on him picking up the wee man for his turn in The Descendents. But before you …

Billy Crystal Is The New Host Of The Oscars

About fifteen minutes ago, Billy Crystal tweeted that he’s the new host for next year’s Oscars: Am doing the Oscars so the young woman in the pharmacy will stop asking my name when I pick up my prescriptions. Looking forward …

Eddie Murphy Follows Ratner And Walks From The Oscars

As many had expected, Eddie Murphy has decided to step down as host of next year’s Academy Awards. This follows the resignation yesterday of his friend and collaborator Brett Ratner. The beginnings of this unraveling, you probably know, was a …