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DC Comics Continue To Help The Bottom Fall Out Of The Market For Comic Con Exclusive Collectibles From 2012 And 2013

Maybe it’s part of the move from East to West, but someone in a DC warehouse has clearly found an awful lot of stock. We ran one lot of items meant to have been exclusive to San Diego Comic Con …

DC Comics Sells San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Items – From 2013

The Aardman Superman figure, a convention exclusive from San Diego Comic Con 2013 sells for up to $65 on eBay, plus shipping.¬†It sells on Amazon for $35 plus shipping. Well DC Comics are about to undercut that when they sell, …

Things I Only Just Realised

I only just realised that in the Aardman Batman, his teeth mirror the Bat symbol. Hmmm. I’m sure everyone realised before but I couldn’t find reference to it anywhere. Anyway, I just liked it, and it’s late…

Gnasher, Aardman Style

At the weekends, Beanotown at London’s South Bank hold free workshops for kids. This weekend that consisted of Aardman Animator Jim Parkyn teaching kids how to make their own character models, in this case The Beano‘s Gnasher, as well as …

Watch: All Of Lauren Faust’s Super Best Friends Forever And Other DC Nation Shorts

Including stop motion by Aardman, some Japanese-style pseudo-anime, The Farm League and plenty more.

Video: Aardman Mash Up Wallace And Gromit, Chicken Run And Creature Comforts

Many of Aardman’s Nick Park-related characters at once.

Video: Aardman’s New Short Film, A Pig’s Tail

Is there such a thing as a humane way to kill animal?

Encounters – From Aardman Chatter To The Unhappiest Person Of The Month

5 days of short film, animation, networking and Nords.

Brief Clip And Some Behind-The-Scenes From The New Wallace And Gromit

As explained last night, here’s the return of Wallace and Gromit. Or at least half of their return.

There’s A Short New Wallace And Gromit Short Coming This Summer

Did I mention that it will be short?

Watch A New Aardman Short Film Spin-Off From Pirates!

The new Aardman feature, Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists, is currently playing in UK cinemas and I imagine it’s going to do a roaring trade over the long Easter weekend. I can’t say it was exactly hilarious, but it’s …

Friday Film Review – Aardman’s Pirates!, Wild Bill And The Hunger Games

I’m not at my healthiest today, I’m afraid, but I was doing okay at 8am when I appeared on Glide FM for a round-up of some new releases. [display_podcast]

Aardman Fans Take Note – Morph Is Back

Morph was not the earliest creation of Aardman Animations – that was, in fact, Aardman – but he was certainly the first I met. He starred in his own little stop-motion sequences screened as part of Take Hart and Hart …

VIDEO: See the DC Peel in Action as DC Nation Begins for the Very First Time

DC Entertainment have published this, the very first 15 seconds of DC Nation, as set for 10am tomorrow morning on Cartoon Network. [iframe src="https://fbcdn-video-a.akamaihd.net/cfs-ak-snc6/442811/857/873397666914_15123.mp4?oh=c996844e68ca8014214adc10273d87e1&oe=4F53CF00&__gda__=1330892544_58c289518bdf8123eb0ed8662ede7d08" width="420" height="240"] Seems like they’re still keeping Super Best Friends Forever entirely under wraps. And how …

Monsters Galore in New Promo for Dreamworks’ The Croods

There’s an awful lot of monsters in this second look at The Croods, a onetime Aardman project that defected to Dreamworks. Okay, maybe not monsters. Animals. But real beasts. Nic Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds are amongst the voice …

Friday Film Review – Looking Ahead To Pirates! And Backwards To The Vow

Here’s my Friday film review from Glide FM. I don’t know why I was so excitable this morning, but I was. We have a quick look back at The Vow, then look forward to Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists …

A Better Look At Aardman’s Batman And Superman Toon

This first ran as an update to an older story, so I knew we’d seen it here before, and months ago. But while I was convinced we’d already had it up in “good quality,” all I could search out on …

Aardman Animations Change Scene in The Pirates Following Complaints From Leper Societies

A few days ago we reported¬†that Lepra, the World Health Organisation and The Society For Leprosy Affected People cried out in protest against a scene in the trailer for Aardman’s next offering, The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists. The …