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Netflix To Offer House Of Cards And More In 4K

Thanks to a new, high efficiency HEVC codec, Netflix will be able to start offering product in 4k during 2014.

Netflix Testing Some 4k Videos Now Ahead Of Planned Full Service In 2014

Netflix has a track record for pioneering difference viewership experiences and bringing 4K or Ultra HD to their content would now increase the aesthetic quality of their programming significantly.

Spike Lee Is Shooting In 4K And Game Of Thrones Gets A Fancy New RED Dragon Camera

And the Dragon will shoot in 6K. Not that this is a competition.

4k Blu-Ray Seems To Be On The Way As 100GB Discs Are Here And Can Be Mass Produced

Twice the capacity of the best Blu-ray disc available today.

Playstation 4 Will Play Video In 4k, But Not Games

Also, there is a catch.

Netflix Demonstrate UHD 4k Streaming – Ultra High Definition, Next Generation Image Quality

The bigger the better, the better the bigger.

For Two Days Only – Lawrence Of Arabia On What Might Maybe Possibly Is London’s Best Cinema Screen

Lawrence of Leicester Square. I want to make a bit of a fuss.

Yowza! Check Out This Fresh Trailer For Lawrence Of Arabia: Restored, Reloaded, And In 4K Resolution

Lawrence has never been this HD.