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DC Comics June 2013 – Friday Trending Topics

What’s new from DC in June? The forum has already caught a few interesting tidbits. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: DC Solicitations For June 2013 – Except For Batman And Beyond Bringing in DC’ solicitations, as revealed by Comic Book Resources, Comic Vine, Newsarama, IGN, MTV, iFanboy, Comics Alliance all into one spot… no sign of… Read more »

Full Trailer For The Sweeney

The Sweeney would like you to put your knickers on, make them a cup of tea and watch this new trailer. Let’s pretend they asked nicely and didn’t call you a slag. So much stylised dialogue, which is interesting. A Sweeney film with wall to wall epithets would be most unexpected. It used to be… Read more »

“Science” Has Found The “Perfect” Casting For 50 Shades Of Grey – But Who The Hell Is It?

Universal and Focus Features spent so much money on the rights to turn that dirty Twilight fanfic 50 Shades of Grey into a movie that they’re bound to make a move sooner or later. But who to cast? Well, don’t worry, Hollywood, Science has the answer. Sort of. The University of Central Lancashire’s Dr Faye Skelton has composed… Read more »

The Bleeding Cool Review Of The Avengers In 3D

Michael Moran wrote a review of Avengers Assemble for Bleeding Cool yesterday. He only saw it in 2D. Ha. I walked up the red carpet with my good lady wife last night, for the premiere for Avengers Assemble held in London’s biggest shopping mall, Westfield. We passed Jenny Agutter (playing one of Nick Fury’s mysterious… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Sneak Peek At Avengers Promotional Graffiti Artwork Being Created Right Now

Little Bleeder Darian has sent in photos of this piece of commissioned The Avengers graffiti artwork, which is currently being created on a billboard in a certain London location. Readers in the capital, feel free to go out hunting for it. We won’t give you a prize if you find it before it’s finished, but… Read more »

Watch New “Not Safe For Work” Footage In This Clip From 21 Jump Street

We published Michael Moran’s review of buddy-cops-in-high-school comedy 21 Jump Street earlier today, and he described it as “brilliantly funny … in that big daft grossout comedy action movie way that only modern Hollywood films starring Jonah Hill can be.” But if you haven’t yet made your mind up about whether or not to see it,… Read more »

Game Of Thrones On Blu-Ray: So… Is It Any Good?

It took two of us to get this sorted out. I’ve yet to see every last episode of Game of Thrones season one, but I have seen all of the video supplements on the newly released Blu-ray. Michael Moran hasn’t seen the discs at all, but he knows the show well from broadcast. Here’s our… Read more »

VIDEO: Pingu Stars In The Best Remake Of The Thing Since 1982

This new remake shows considerable fidelity to both The Thing a la John Carpenter and Pingu, the chirpy little penguin with a voice like Tom Hardy’s Bane if he were huffing helium through that mask. Kudos to the short’s director Lee Hardcastle who also built the sets and characters, carried out the animation and performed… Read more »