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Sunday Trending Topics: Marvel Assembly, DC Design

Interesting coincidence that today’s top two posts are both about character design. On the comic side we have copious amounts of artwork from DC’s Designing the New DCU 52 Panel, on the tv/film side we finally have all the pieces of the Avengers film character concepts put together into one giant Assembly of Avengers. Most-Read… Read more »

Captain America – The First Avenger: The Bleeding Cool Review

Michael Moran writes for Bleeding Cool: Most people who read comics know at least the basics of the story. A puny 90lb weakling is transformed by a unique scientific process into a near-perfect human being. With a unique combination of casting, pacing and effects Joe Johnston has transformed a solid if fairly unremarkable comic book… Read more »

Tuesday Trending Topics: Transformers And The Poetry Of Flying Metal

I’m only a casual Transformers fan, (and also a sucker for big budget sfx) and I think I liked the first two movies a little more than most, so I’ve been pretty encouraged by the cautiously optimistic buzz about Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  And interestingly enough, even though Michael Moran‘s review is decidedly mixed,… Read more »

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Review

Michael Moran writes for Bleeding Cool. Brendon wants you to know that any pro-Bay sentiments are Michael’s own: If you have a young son or nephew you’re sure to have seen them at it. Clutching one action figure in each grubby little fist and repeatedly smashing them together as he softly growls to himself the… Read more »

Review: Green Lantern

Michael Moran writes for Bleeding Cool: Fanboys have ruined the funnybooks. And they’re ruining the movies too. I should know. I’m a fanboy. The disposable 4-colour yarns of the Silver Age have grown into weighty and expensive Absolute Editions. And with an adult price tag comes the expectation of adult content. Everything has to be… Read more »

The Twelve DC Relaunch Books We’re Most Excited About Here At Bleeding Cool

Everyone’s talking DC relaunch. Yes, even you. And it’s the same at Bleeding Cool Towers as well. So I asked ten writers for Bleeding Cool to tell us which, of the fifty-two issue launches, they are most excited about. Here’s what we thought. Greg Baldino – Blue Beetle Out of all the relaunches coming from… Read more »

REVIEW: The Green Lantern And Transformers Videogame Tie-Ins

Michael Moran writes for Bleeding Cool: Things that we know never work: Movie tie-in video games (except Goldeneye) and superhero videogames (except Arkham Asylum). It’s with some trepidation then that I took a look at Green Lantern: Rise Of The Manhunters and Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, The Game. The people behind these games have a… Read more »

X-Men: First Class, Second Review

Michael Moran has been to see X-Men: First Class and is going to tell you all what he thought of it: The Cold War seems to be pretty hot right now. There are excited mutterings around Hollywood of an Atom Age Fantastic Four reboot. Meanwhile Call Of Duty:Black Ops is introducing that period to the… Read more »

REVIEW: Priest Is “Stylish, Action-Packed Nonsense”

Michael Moran writes for Bleeding Cool: Almost all films, to a greater or lesser extent, are set in imaginary worlds. In our world people stumble, mumble, forget important details and go to the toilet far more often than their screen counterparts. That’s what makes going to the movies more fun than just looking out of… Read more »

Batman: Arkham City Concept Art

Michael Moran writes for Bleeding Cool: We’ve seen over 70 years of Batman in comics, two movie serials, seven feature films, innumerable animated appearances and one irrepressibly daft live action TV show. Still one of the most visually arresting depictions of Gotham City’s brooding protector has been in Rocksteady’s 2009 videogame Batman: Arkham Asylum. Melding… Read more »

Our Rango Review: “This Is A Johnny Depp Flick We’re Talking About”

Michael Moran has been to see Rango for Bleeding Cool: There’s probably a pitch that sounds like this every day, somewhere in Hollywood. CGI-rendered anthropomorphic misfit character bumbles through 90 minutes of sight-gags, gains redemption and expounds a simple moral for the kids while juggling a fistful of pop-culture references to keep their adult carers… Read more »

Win! Saw: The Final Chapter On DVD Or Blu-Ray, Plus Bonus Stuff!

Michael Moran has some Saw prizes to give away: Some horror franchises seem to go on for ever but we’re assured that Saw: The Final Chapter really is the last cruel twist of Jigsaw’s bloody knife. What better way to celebrate this macabre event, but for us to offer you some free stuff? Saw’s always been… Read more »

Robocop Redux

While Brendon gets progressively more ill, Michael Moran writes for Bleeding Cool: Hard on the metal-encased heels of the news that a statue of the cyborg crimefighter is to be erected in Detroit, news reaches us that Robocop will also be returning to the cinema. Paul Verhoeven’s darkly satirical 1987 movie spawned a brace of… Read more »

TRON: Legacy – Review

Both myself and Michael Moran have seen Tron: Legacy. Here’s Michael’s review, complete with one SPOILER that, frankly, you should have guessed by now anyway. Enjoy. The two front runners for 2010’s ‘most belated sequel’ stakes are Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Tron:Legacy. Both Wall Street flicks were aimed at mainstream moviegoers, so while… Read more »

REVIEW: Anton Corbijn’s The American With George Clooney

Michael Moran writes for Bleeding Cool: George Clooney is the modern age’s closest equivalent to Cary Grant. Handsome, charming and as smooth as a buttered Nigel Havers he’s the housewives’ heartthrob that men think it’s OK to like. But, like dear old Archie Leach, he’s not often to be found in a straight action flick…. Read more »


Rich Johnston The internet’s original and best-known comic book reporter, Johnston has been covering the industry since he started posting his column on rec.arts.comics in 1992. His trademark mix of hard news and salacious gossip went through a number of incarnations, including Rich’s Revelations on the Twist and Shout Comics website, All the Rage for… Read more »

Bleeding Saddles – After The Pilot, The Series Proper Begins

In the words of The Beatles: I’ve got to admit it’s getting better (Better) A little better all the time This week, the guest contestants on Bleeding Saddles are Ed Whitfield, Michael Moran, Ben Shillito and Ben Mortimer. The audio quality is improved, the jokes are… improved (?) and we’ve got all new rounds. Just… Read more »

Video Round Up: Clash At Demonhead Music Video, Avengers Assemble, Space Battleship Yamato

Here’s some weekend viewing for you, now that you’re not in the office and having to keep things muted. It’s just got to be more interesting than whatever ball game is clogging up the TV schedules. We’ll start with the first three episodes of Avengers Assemble, a parody series that features some sweetly ambitious costumes,… Read more »

Movie Review – The Other Guys

Hitting UK cinemas this weekend is Adam McKay’s warm up for The Boys, the Will Ferrel comedy The Other Guys. Michael Moran has been to see it in his capacity as Bleeding Cool’s resident champion of big-budget, popcorn fare. The Other Guys is based on a plot device so tired it’s almost funny. Well, two… Read more »

Free Paintballing With The Expendables

Today’s the day that The Expendables muscle their way into American cinemas, to dump on, curse and hate Eat, Pray, Love, and rough up that Pilgrim boy and take away his box office dollars lunch money*. It’s also the day I’m going to see the film myself, at Movie-Con III, so I’m wearing a pink… Read more »