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Wonder Woman Independent In Batman V Superman; Ben Affleck & Henry Cavill Spar In Omaze Video

While talking with Glamour (via The Hollywood Reporter), Gal Gadot discussed Wonder Woman’s role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, calling her “independent” from the other members of the trilogy. “She is not relying on a man, and she’s not there because of a love story. She’s not there to serve someone else,” Gadot… Read more »

DC Releases The Legend Of Wonder Woman Digital Comic Trailer

DC has released a trailer for The Legend of Wonder Woman from the creative minds of Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon. It’s a digital first series that reinvents Diana of Themyscira for new generation of readers. The first few issues are available in comic shops now, new chapters are first released digitally every Thursday.

The Legend Of Wonder Woman To Be “Rated E” As #1 And #2 Go To Second Printings

The first two issues of The Legend Of Wonder Woman, the new 9-issue digital-first comics by familiar-to-Bleeding Cool-readers Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon, have both sold out of their first printings and DC has decided to reprint the pair, with second printings arriving on March 23rd. When solicited, the comics were Rated T, described by… Read more »

Superman’s Ex-Girlfriends – Wonder Woman And Lois Lane In Today’s Comics

So Superman and Wonder Woman. For those holding out for a future of the couple, it’s time to really start letting go. Even if this scene in Superman #49 out today, gives you hope… By the time we get to Superman/Wonder Woman #27, also out today, things are made rather clear. “Ex-Girlfriend” kinda cements it doesn’t it?… Read more »

Geoff Johns Praises Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins; Compares To Richard Donner

In a Twitter post spotted by Comic Book Movie, DC Entertainment chief creative officer Geoff Johns praised the work of Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. Amazing watching @PattyJenks at work — reminds me of Donner! Optimism, energy and all passion! XO — Geoff Johns (@geoffjohns) February 19, 2016 Johns worked as an assistant to the… Read more »

DC Comics Cut Wonder Woman’s Costume Back For #49

This was the solicited cover for Wonder Woman #48, out last month. This is the one that actually ran. This is the solicited cover for Wonder Woman #49, out tomorrow. This is the one that has actually run. The original cover for Wonder Woman #48, but with the newer costumer replaced with the older one… like… Read more »

DC Comics Rebirth: Marguerite Bennett, The New Writer Of The Wonder Woman Comic?

It’s looking pretty likely right now that the new writer for the ongoing Wonder Woman bi-weekly, for the DC Comics Rebirth relaunch will be Marguerite Bennett. Writer and former student of Scott Snyder, Bennett has written comics such as A-Force, Angela, DC Bombshells, Earth 2, and the current Insexts series from Aftershock, a real favourite of… Read more »

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman And More In DC’s Top 10 Love Stories

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and DC All-Access has put together a list if their top 10 DC Love stories. This montage of romantic moments includes some of the biggest names in the DCU including Superman & Lois Lane, Batman & Wonder Woman, Green Arrow & Black Canary, and Nightwing & Batgirl. It’s a reminder that… Read more »

DC Comics Rebirth: Trinity Comic To Return, Starring Batman, Superman And Wonder Woman

From 2008 to 2009, DC Comics ran a weekly series (right) called Trinity, written by Kurt Busiek and Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Mark Bagley, Art Thibert, Tom Derenick, Scott McDaniel, Mike Norton and friends. Well, in the wake of the Batman V Superman movie and the DC Comics Rebirth, I understand that with the rumoured cancellation of… Read more »

When Clark Kent And Steve Trevor Talk Wonder Woman

Today’s Superman comic book bursts straight out of the recent Superman/Wonder Woman. Yes that one. A Superman healed by the gods but made fully mortal. A Superman who has told Wonder Woman that he no longer loves her and a Wonder Woman who doesn’t exactly seem to be on the same page. With this scene… Read more »

Wonder Woman Both Ancient And Compassionate

More details are emerging about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice via Empire Magazine (as transcribed by Comic Book Movie). Focusing in on Wonder Woman, director Zack Snyder revealed that the cinematic Diana is 5000 years old. As the film opens, she is in retirement because “she’s seen it all, she has seen what humans… Read more »

Has Anyone Seen Ben Caldwell’s Harley Quinn Sketch In A Wonder Woman Black Bag?

This is Ben Caldwell‘s original art cover sketch for the Harley Quinn black bag variant cover edition, slipped into a random issue of the black bagged Wonder Woman #47. And, it seems, no one has found it yet. Is it sitting in a back issue box unopened? Sitting in a pull list, waiting not to… Read more »

Wonder Woman, Batman And Superman On The Cover Of Famous Monsters

Famous Monsters magazine returns in February with a cover that features DC’s trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman along with an interview with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder. There is also a Rick Baker variant cover that celebrates the 35th anniversary of An American Werewolf in London. Here is some excerpts… Read more »

DC Comics Continuity Continues To Crash – Titans Hunt, Secret Six, Martian Manhunter, Robin And Superman/Wonder Woman

It’s not Superman: Lois And Clark that has to deal with the potential problems of being in one universe but coming from another. Other things seem to be leaking through as well. Such as names and memories in Titans Hunt…   And memories of friends who never were, in Secret Six. While over in Martian… Read more »

Gal Gadot And Chris Pine Examine A Sword And Shield In Wonder Woman Set Photos

Production on Wonder Woman continues and every so often, we get a glimpse of the film and its World War I era setting. In the latest photos snapped by intrepid set-watchers (via Comic Book Movie) sees star Gal Gadot‘s Diana and Chris Pine‘s Steve Trevor confront a sword and shield on the streets of a… Read more »

Connie Nielsen To Play Mother To Wonder Woman

According to The Hollywood Reporter, actress Connie Nielsen will play Queen Hippolyta in 2017’s Wonder Woman. The role had been the focus of some speculation as many assumed the part would be played by Nicole Kidman when she was circling a part in the film. Following her decision to pass on the film, reports indicated… Read more »

Chris Pine On “Rogue-ish” Steve Trevor And Wonder Woman’s World War I Time Period

Actor Chris Pine offered a few comments to the Toronto Sun (via Comic Book Movie) about his role in the upcoming Wonder Woman. In the film, he plays Steve Trevor, but unlike the World War II airman of legend, this Trevor meets Diana in World War I. “It’s shot beautifully feels so wonderfully period, but… Read more »

Yanick Paquette’s Hidden Harley Quinn Sketch In A Bagged Wonder Woman

Bleeding Cool was the first to tell you about the “Willy Wonka Golden Ticket” -style promotion that DC Comics isn’t even allowed to acknowledge exists or fear of falling foul of lottery legislation. Well, it’s still going strong. And here’s one original art sketched cover of Harley Quinn by Yanick Paquette, inside a black bagged Wonder… Read more »

DC Comics Art Academy Debuts With Jim Lee Drawing Superman And Wonder Woman

DC is rolling out something new. They call it DC Comics Art Academy, a series of art tutorials recorded at conventions during 2015. They don’t say who else is part of the series, but we start with Jim Lee drawing Superman and Wonder Woman at Comic-Con last summer. And we learn that Lee likes to start drawing close-ups… Read more »