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Wonder Woman '77: A DC Digital Comic Based On The Lynda Carter TV Series

A clever and cool move from DC, breaking out of NYCC: Wonder Woman ’77 will be a DC digital-first series based on the Lynda Carter tv show. Written by Marc Andreyko, covers by Nicola Scott with artists to be announced. On the heels of the SENSATION COMICS FEATURING WONDER WOMAN launch will be WONDER WOMAN… Read more »

NYCC: Phil Jimenez At The LGBT Panel – Why Would Anybody Want To Make A Movie Out Of This Wonder Woman?

John Odum writes for Bleeding Cool: A wide range of anecdotes and perspectives were naturally on display from a variety of panelists on the LGBT in comics panel, presented by the New York Times and Geeks out Thursday evening. Noelle Stevenson talked about the great reception Lumberjanes has received (“we [thought] we could do whatever… Read more »

My First Book Of Girl Power, Featuring Wonder Woman, Batgirl And Supergirl

Okay. So this is possibly the best book in the entire universe according to some readers. It smacks of the seventies with a rather nineties Spide Girls twist and perfect for the teens. With female superhero fans struggling to find the right products for them, here is something to buy a younger daughter who is… Read more »

43 Thoughts About 43 Comics - The Walking Dead, Fantastic Four, Justice League, Action Comics, Alex + Ada, Nailbiter, Rat Queens, Peter Panzerfaust, Morning Glories, Batman Eternal, Miracleman, Men Of Wrath, Cerebus, Adventure Time, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Death Of Wolverine, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Guardians 3000, Uncanny Avengers, Lobo, Damnation, Edge Of Spider-Verse, Winter Soldier, Batman/Superman, Gotham Academy, Chaos, Angry Birds, Fiction Squad, Regular Show, X-Files, Kill Shakespeare, Holmes/Houdini, Rogue Trooper, TMNT, Cutter, Witchblade, Vampirella, Suicide Risk, Mercy Thompson, Cloaks, Woods And War Cry

Well, X-Files Year Zero, I just bought some comic books. Let’s see what’s going on? Well, we seem to have another confluence between Marvel and DC, with the Justice League and the Fantastic Four looking at the good guys and the bad guys teaming up to change the world for the better. First, we have… Read more »

Your DC Futures This Week, Both Fifty And Thirty-Five Years Away, With Batman And Robin, Batman/Superman, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Superman/Wonder Woman (In That Order), Teen Titans, Batwoman, New Guardians, Superirl, Pandora, Red Hood And The Outlaws

Just as in the first and second weeks, we’re beginning to build up a bigger idea of what is and what is not behind all this… In Futures End: Batman And Robin, Batman gets his new Robin, even if everything else falls apart. And there is the hint that the revival of Damian Wayne may… Read more »

Goodbye Orion, And Hello Wonder Girl? 4 Things That May Happen After The Finches Take Over Wonder Woman

By Hilton Collins This November, storylines from the new Wonder Woman creative team of writer Meredith Finch and superstar artist David Finch start coming to comic book shops with issue #36. The married duo are following writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang’s critically acclaimed three-year run on the title (along with help from Tony… Read more »

Which Wonder Woman Will We See In Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice? The Comics Choices

By Hilton Collins It was the costume reveal seen ‘round the world—literally. On Saturday morning, July 26, at San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. revealed the first official photo of actress Gal Gadot in the gear she’ll be sporting as Wonder Woman in the studio’s highly anticipated 2016 film, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The… Read more »

The Future And The Importance Of Wonder Woman, Teased At DC Panel At Fan Expo

  Diana McCallum writes for Bleeding Cool from Fan Expo in Toronto The second DC panel of the weekend at Fan Expo revolved around the New 52 as a whole, with Larry Ganem moderating and panellists Jeff Lemire, Brian Azzarello, Greg Pak and David Finch. The panel opened by teasing the last few issues of… Read more »

Dean Haspiel Finally Draws Wonder Woman (And Deadman, And Ra's Al Ghul) For Sensation Comics, Plus Sketches

Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman arrives in its first 2014 issue on August 20th. It’s a “digital first anthology” that will bring in a wide range of comics talent to explore the character and her Amazonian background in a number of guises. Already announced on the book are Gail Simone and Amanda Deibert writing on… Read more »

Sideshow Collectibles Adds Wonder Woman To Their Premium Format Figures

These Premium Format Figures that Sideshow Collectibles do are amazing looking. And if they weren’t outside of my budget, I’d probably have a ton of them. Well, now they are adding Wonder Woman to the mix and it looks just as cool as the others. The figure was designed by: Kris Anka, Zane Yarbrough and Frank Pepito. It… Read more »

Could We Get A Final Wonder Woman Story From Nicola Scott?

Nicola Scott teased us all about her final DC project. To see out my contract, I’ll be doing a short but personal project with my all time favourite character, then…… I’m stepping into the world of Creator Owned for a while. Her next announced project after that is for Alan Moore‘s ElectriComics, something called Sway with Leah… Read more »

Tonner Doll Company Offers Its First SDCC Exclusive With Vintage Wonder Woman And Sheldon Cooper

For the first time ever, Tonner Doll Company is going to be set up at this years San Diego Comic Con. And like everyone else, they’re going to bring out their exclusives. Their two offerings for their debut year is going to be Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory and a Vintage Wonder Woman…. Read more »

47 Thoughts About 47 Comics - Walking Dead, Scooby Doo, Amazing, 2099 And 100th Anniversary Spider-Man, All-New And Amazing X-Men, Superior Foes, Black Dynamite, Detective Comics, Wolverine, Death Vigil, Maxx, X-Force, Futures End, Ghosted, Transformers, Superman/Wonder Woman, New Suicide Squad, Usagi Yojimbo, Judge Dredd, Infinity Man, Batman Eternal, Batgirl, Spread, Royals, Rise Of The Magi, Armor Hunters, Rai, Star Trek, X, Terminator x2, Star Wars, Eery, Great Pacific, Abe Sapien, Angry Birds, Warlord Of Mars, Blood Queen, Pathfinder, Turok, Shutter, Magnus, Doc Savage, Chastity, Robotech/Voltron And Wolverine

Scooby Doo goes to Comic Con and meets… an old British fellow with a long scarf. I wonder who he could be? And did he steal all the backgrounds from this comic? Because, yes, even if you set a comic at a comic convention, it’s probably a good idea to show some of that comic… Read more »

Snyder Hasn't Filmed Gadot As Wonder Woman Yet

With the reports of Gal Gadot being on the set of Triple Nine, speculations was that maybe she was done filming on Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice already. Well, according to an interview on, Zack Snyder says he has not filmed an footage of Gadot as Wonder Woman and that, “she’s working out and… Read more »

Is Gal Gadot Finished Filming As Wonder Woman?

From her twitter feed, Gal Gadot posted a couple images of herself with Kate Winslet and Aaron Paul from the set of a movie called Triple Nine. Does that mean she is done filming Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice already? Triple Nine is: A group of corrupt police officers are blackmailed into pulling off a… Read more »