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Yes Folks, Sabretooth Is The New Wolverine

Ex-Marvel PR man James Viscardi‘s somehow gets the official Marvel scoop on the new Uncanny Avengers lineup, post Axis. And, yes, as you can see, and we told you was coming, Sabretooth in the role (and clothes) of Wolverine. It’s all inverted… Uncanny Avengers is now made up almost entirely of former supervillains, some old,… Read more »

Animal Planet Brings IDW’s The Other Dead To Zombie Life – Talking With Joshua Ortega At New York Comic Con

By Shawn Perry It seems like every week a new comic book adaptation is announced…what a wonderful age we live in huh, bleeders? Animal Planet has exclusively optioned the popular zombie animal graphic novel The Other Dead into a scripted series. IDW Publishing’s The Other Dead hails from creators Joshua Ortega (Gears of War, Spider-Man) and Digger… Read more »

Zombie Boy Comics Launches Its First Kickstarter

Mark Stokes writes for Bleeding Cool:   I’m Mark Stokes, the creator and producer of Zombie Boy Comics. I recently launched a Kickstarter to raise the funds to print my first 200 Zombie Boy comic strips in a collected book for the first time ever! Zombie Boy is eleven year old Morgan McCorkindale, a normal… Read more »

Shaft, Lady Demon, Death Of Apollo And New Army Of Darkness – December Solicitations From Dynamite

Here we have the full December solicitations from Dynamite Entertainment including new series Shaft, Lady Demon, Battlestar Galactica: Death of Apollo, a new Army of Darkness by Cullen Bunn plus the second issue of Django / Zorror. SHAFT #1 Writer: David Walker Art: Bilquis Evely Covers: Dennis Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz, Francesco Francavilla, Michael Avon Oeming, Ulises Farinas,… Read more »

Thor’s Comic Review Column – Edge of Spider-Verse: Spider-Man Noir, Futures End Month: Week 2, Teen Dog, Sixth Gun: Vol. 1, Annihilator

This week’s reviews: Edge of Spider-Verse #1 – Spider-Man Noir Futures End Month: Week 2 Teen Dog #1  Sixth Gun: Volume 1 Annihilator #1 Edge of Spider-Verse #1 – Spider-Man Noir By Adam X. Smith Let me preface this review by saying that, as it will soon become apparent, I’ve not read any of the… Read more »

“I’m Having So Much Fun There Is No Way I Could Even Consider This To Be Work” – Michael Uslan Talks Justice, Inc.

As Justice, Inc. moves into the second half of the mini-series, Kevin Pearl checks in with series writer Michael Uslan about the Dynamite series and where things are going for pulp icons the Shadow, the Avenger and Doc Savage. KEVIN PEARL: We’re almost four issues now into this mini-series, Michael. How has it felt handling… Read more »

Bob’s Burgers, Alice Cooper, Captain Victory And More – Dynamite’s November Solicitations

We had the rest of their solicits earlier as exclusives… but now we’re going to round out Dynamite’s November solicitations with Bob’s Burgers, Alice Cooper, Captain Victory, Flash Gordon and more. BOB’S BURGERS #4 Writer: Chad Brewster, Justin Hook, Rachel Hastings, Mike Olsen, Jeff Drake Art: Tony Gennaro, Frank Forte, Tyler Garrison, Robin Brigstocke, Steven… Read more »

Eternal Warrior, Punk Mambo And X-O Manowar Classic Omnibus – Valiant November Solicitations

Valiant has quite a few surprises up their sleeve for the month of November including Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel #1, Archer & Armstrong: The One Percent one-shot, Punk Mambo #0 and the classic X-O Manowar issues collected in a hardcover omnibus. ETERNAL WARRIOR DAYS OF STEEL #1 (of 3) Written PETER MILLIGAN Art by CARY… Read more »

How To Tell A Tasteful Gay Joke – Talking With Quantum And Woody’s James Asmus

By Joseph Kyle Schmidt Voting for the Harvey Awards closes in just a few days. If you’ve taken the time to vote, you’re probably familiar with the name James Asmus. The writer of Valiant’s Quantum and Woody has been plastered all over the ballot, nominated for three awards including Best Writer, Most Promising New Talent,… Read more »

Michael James Shaw Added To The Cast Of Constantine

Late yesterday, USA Today got word that Michael James Shaw will be joining the cast of NBC’s freshman series Constantine. Shaw will play Papa Midnight, the voodoo king of New Orleans. Shaw is a relative new comer having done a hand full of short films to date. He will be joining Matt Ryan (Constantine), Charles… Read more »

I Have Seen (A Preview For) The Promised Land!

Pariah Missouri Book 2 : The Promised Land Andres Salazar writes, My name is Andres Salazar.  I’m a storyteller.   I’ve been hunkered down working on the second graphic novel in the series, Pariah Missouri. Part Huckleberry Finn part Twin Peaks, it’s a mash-up of some of my favorite stories and ideas all set in Antebellum 1857 Missouri.  It’s Steampunk without the punk,… Read more »

Michael Uslan Talks About The Avenger, The Shadow And Doc Savage

Michael Uslan is the producer on the Batman films as well as a fan of the old pulp heroes like The Avenger, The Shadow and Doc Savage. So he jumped at the chance to write a comic starring all three for Dynamite. Byron Brewer chatted with him about the Justice, Inc. series. BYRON BREWER: The… Read more »

Full Solicitations For Dynamite Entertainment October 2014

We teased some of this over the weekend, but here are the full solicitations for October 2014 from Dynamite Entertainment. EVIL ERNIE #1 Covers:  Tim Seeley, Carlos Rafael, Ardian Syaf, Kyle Hotz, Ken Haeser, Andrew Mangum Writer:  Tim Seeley, Steve Seeley Art:  Rafael Lanhellas MARKETING DESCRIPTION:  Teen psychopath Evil Ernie is dead, resigned to Hell… Read more »

Preview The 350th Issue Of Judge Dredd Megazine And This Week’s 2000AD

It’s the 350th Issue of Judge Dredd Megazine Special this week at a whopping 132 pages (including a free poster) and we also have Prog 1890 of 2000AD this week, both available July 16th in shops in the UK, a little behind that in the USA, and digitally everywhere on the 16th. The special Megazine… Read more »

Exclusive First Look At Dynamite’s October Covers – Flash Gordon, Justice Inc And The Gold Key Books

This weekend we are going to be sharing with you an exclusive first look at the covers of the Dynamite books coming out in October before they are solicited. So you’ll be seeing them before anyone else… unless you work at Dynamite. Kicking it off we’ve got the Gold Key characters, Justice Inc and Flash… Read more »

Preview This Week’s 2000AD – Judge Dredd, Brass Sun, Tharg’s 3Rillers, Future Shocks, Sinister Dexter

It’s that time again–time for another 2000AD preview before this issue arrives in shops on July 9th in the UK, a little behind in print in the USA, and digitally world-wide on the 9th. This week in Prog 1889 we have Judge Dredd: “The Heart is a Lonely Klegg Hunter”, Brass Sun: “Floating Worlds”, Tharg’s… Read more »

Guy Adams Takes The Doctor’s Most Faithful Companion In A New Direction – The Revolution Of Bernice Summerfield

 By Alasdair Stuart Bernice Summerfield is one of the greatest things to come out of Doctor Who’s first half century. Created by Paul Cornell, Bernice is a polite, British Indiana Jones of a character. Tough, moralistic, occasionally boozy and wonderfully incapable of avoiding trouble Bernice has been around a while now and her adventures have… Read more »

Preview This Week’s 2000AD – Judge Dredd, Brass Sun, Tharg’s 3Rillers, Grey Area

This week’s 2000AD has the added bonus for readers of the return of Brass Sun, currently running as a single-issue series also, and here in its third series for 2000AD. But we also get Judge Dredd: “The Heart is a Lonely Klegg Hunter”, Tharg’s 3Rillers: “Voodoo Planet”,  and Grey Area: “Nearer My God to Thee”…. Read more »