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DC Relaunch: Brian Clevinger Dropped From Firestorm Before You Even Knew He Was On It

Amongst the new books and new creators for September, was to have been 8-Bit Theater, Atomic Robo and Marvel Adventures writer Brian Clevinger, working on a new Firestorm comic for DC Comics. And I was going to tell you about it today. At the end of Brightest Day, we saw that the Anti-Monitor’s effect on… Read more »

Will Firestorm Ongoing Be Announced At New York Comic Con?

The Firestorm fansite FirestormFan posted a rumour from comics fan Brandon Leonard reporting that at Toronto Fan Expo, a writer said that he’d turned down a Firestorm ongoing series, but that another writer had accepted the gig. The website had redacted the name of the declining writer to protect him. This is certainly how such… Read more »

Six Important Moments From DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow – Blood Ties

This article contains spoilers for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Blood Ties. . . . . . Coming off of the two-part pilot and the surprising death of a character, the writer’s of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow find a way to involve all of the characters into three separate storylines that really boil down to… Read more »

Are You Being Repped For A Comic Con Without Your Knowledge?

The Walking Dead‘s Tony Moore, currently running his own comic convention, sent out a shout out to the comics industry about a fellow called Scott Roush who he said was “claiming to represent almost every name I’ve ever seen on every convention guest list in all of history, rife with horrible misspellings and including some… Read more »

Marvel’s Hercules Comic, A Little More LGBTQI Than You May Have Been Led To Think

When Marvel launched the comic book Hercules, Marvel was initially applauded for publishing a comic with a lead bisexual character. The problem was that the creators, editor and publisher had forgotten that a previous comic had suggested that Hercules was bisexual, with Northstar as one of his previous lovers. And Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso came… Read more »

Robbie Amell Offers Key (And Possibly Spoilery) Deathstorm Details

According to, former Firestorm Robbie Amell has offered a key detail about his upcoming return to The Flash. One that could prove lethal. As previously reported, Amell returns for episode thirteen of the second season as the Earth-2 Ronnie Raymond, an evil version of the character known as Deathstorm. A possible spoiler follows …… Read more »

Six Important Moments From The Flash – Potential Energy

This article will contain spoilers from the latest episode of The Flash. . . . . . . The Flash returns after its midseason break with an episode entitled Potential Energy. The episode features another comic villain brought to the screen, relationship angst, family angst and trying to like the guy who looks exactly like… Read more »

Rachael Taylor And Robbie Amell Take On Sci-Fi In Netflix’s Arq

Jessica Jones‘ Rachael Taylor continues her relationship with Netflix as she and former Firestorm Robbie Amell will star in the film Arq for the streaming platform. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film takes place in a post-apocalyptic world after the oil supply has been depleted. Amell plays an engineer protecting a technology that could… Read more »

Full DC Comics Solicitations For April 2016

Boom! The full solicitations for DC Comics for April 2016…. enjoy! BATMAN TITLES BATGIRL #51 Written by Brenden Fletcher, art by Eleanor Carlini, cover by Babs Tarr. After the events of issue #50, Barbara Gordon is at a crossroads in her life — will new horizons beckon her away from her home in Burnside? 32… Read more »

DC TV Stakes Claim To A Fourth Night Of Television

This is a big week for Warner Bros / DC TV as there will be at least one hour of programming related to their characters each night for four nights (Mon – Thu). That is really quite impressive as four hour long episodes and two specials will air across two networks. So where Marvel may be hitting it… Read more »

Robbie Amell Returns To The Flash As Earth-2 Ronnie Raymond

Hot on the heals of a setpic revealing The Flash‘s frequent quest star Robbie Amell in what is described as the costume of the Earth-2 Firestorm, Entertainment Weekly reveals the nature of Amell’s return. It turns out he will be playing a villainous Ronny Raymond known as Deathstorm. #TheFlash shoots a scene for an upcoming episode… Read more »

What Berlanti, Guggenheim And Kreisberg Seem To Hate About Comics

This article contains some spoilers for Supergirl. . . Greg Berlanti and his co-producers Marc Guggenheim, Ali Adler and Andrew Kreisberg love comic books. They have taken the idea of doing a Green Arrow TV series, almost immediately after the character had appeared for years on Smallville, and turned it into a hit for a… Read more »

Ra’s Al Ghul To Make A Legends Of Tomorrow Appearance

According to, Matt Nable, who played Ra’s Al Ghul in season three of Arrow, will return as the Demon’s Head in episode nine of Legends of Tomorrow. They also mention current Arrow foe Damien Darhk, played by Neal McDonough, will also call in on the show, but it is unclear if both characters will… Read more »

The Batman Is Back And Superman Is In His Supersuit – DC Comics Solicits For March 2016 Bumps Up #50 Prices To $4.99

Boom! A bunch of books get their 50th issues from DC Comics in March, with extra sized $4.99 titles for Superman, Action Comics, Batman, Detetcive Comics, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Flash, Batgirl, Catwoman and Aquaman… sadly Justice League missed out as it missed a month along the way. Maybe April? Should really help with… Read more »

DC Comics Repurposes Vanished Mini-Series As Legends Of Tomorrow Anthology Comic

Earlier in the year, DC Comics announced a bunch of new mini-series for January 2016. A number of which seem to have disappeared, as part of some of the big changes DC Comics has been making to their publishing plans, as a result of disappointing sales for the DC YOU relaunch. Well, it seems that they… Read more »

The Future Trailer For DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

If you watched the Flash / Arrow crossover, then you probably saw this trailer. If not, here is the newest trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. We get to see Rip Hunter’s ship, Firestorm and the team in action and more of Vandal Savage. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow debuts January 21st on the CW.

Sweet Release! Just Cause 3, Rainbow Six: Siege, Xenoblade Chronicles X, December’s Free Games

By Jared Cornelius Welcome back to Sweet Release! Bleeding Cool’s look at the new games hitting store shelves and digital platforms. With Black Friday behind us and the end of the year steadily creeping forward the release of big games is starting to come to a halt. I used the word “starting” because we’re not quite done yet. Even… Read more »

Fun Episode Of Arrow Reveals Speed Bump In Season Story

Last night’s Arrow was very… odd. I expected a bit of a letdown after last week’s Constantine episode, but they flew right into the save Ray Palmer story and that seemed like a good idea. But at the same time that’s where the wheels seem to be coming off. Damien Darhk is an extremely patient… Read more »

Getting Closer To DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

This article may contain spoilers if you are not current with The Flash or Arrow. . . . Besides moving their own stories forward this season, both the Flash and Arrow have been tasked with helping to set up the mid-season series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The problem being that many of the characters in… Read more »

Joe West Just Wants A Quiet Week On The Next Flash

This weeks episode of the Flash has a lot to build on as things have been rolling along very quickly so far as we have villains from another Earth trying to kill The Flash (Grant Gustin) at Zoom’s orders, a second Flash (Teddy Sears) without powers, a new Firestorm and then to add to all… Read more »