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Will Firestorm Ongoing Be Announced At New York Comic Con?

The Firestorm fansite FirestormFan posted a rumour from comics fan Brandon Leonard reporting that at Toronto Fan Expo, a writer said that he’d turned down a Firestorm ongoing series, but that another writer had accepted the gig. The website had redacted the name of the declining writer to protect him. This is certainly how such… Read more »

Fun Episode Of Arrow Reveals Speed Bump In Season Story

Last night’s Arrow was very… odd. I expected a bit of a letdown after last week’s Constantine episode, but they flew right into the save Ray Palmer story and that seemed like a good idea. But at the same time that’s where the wheels seem to be coming off. Damien Darhk is an extremely patient… Read more »

Getting Closer To DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

This article may contain spoilers if you are not current with The Flash or Arrow. . . . Besides moving their own stories forward this season, both the Flash and Arrow have been tasked with helping to set up the mid-season series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The problem being that many of the characters in… Read more »

Joe West Just Wants A Quiet Week On The Next Flash

This weeks episode of the Flash has a lot to build on as things have been rolling along very quickly so far as we have villains from another Earth trying to kill The Flash (Grant Gustin) at Zoom’s orders, a second Flash (Teddy Sears) without powers, a new Firestorm and then to add to all… Read more »

Flash Facts (And Questions) From The Flash Season 2, Episode 4

Taking leaps formed the overall theme of tonight’s episode of The Flash, “The Fury of Firestorm.” While it chiefly applied to Jefferson Jackson finding it within himself to merge with Professor Stein, it also applied to Caitlin’s latent classism and Barry’s own willingness to be more than a creeper to a woman he might like…. Read more »

Dark Circle / Archie Comics Solicitations For January 2016

The new year approaches and we have the January 2016 solicitations for Archie / Dark Circle Comics. DARK CIRCLE COMICS THE BLACK HOOD #9 “The Lonely Crusade, Part 3” An unlikely ally leads the Black Hood to the Crusaders’ secret lair—and what the Hood finds inside will shock you. If you thought the shotgun blast… Read more »

Producers Told Visual Effects To Make Zoom Scary

In the latest Inside The Flash video, executive producer Gabrielle Stanton talks about the special effects of the series and the look of characters like Atom Smasher, Sand Demon and Zoom. Visual Effects Supervisor Armen Kevorkian joins in to talk about the visual aspect of Zoom and how he differs from Reverse-Flash as well as bringing in… Read more »

Flash Facts (And Questions) From The Flash Season 2, Episode 3

The third episode of The Flash‘s second season, “A Family of Rogues,” brings a welcome diversion from the breaches and a return for the Snart family. But even if the villains this week have nothing to do with the bridge between Earths, Jay was able to theorize a way to stabilize the one under S.T.A.R…. Read more »

DC Comics Solicitations For January 2016 – One for The #PoisonIvyLeague

New Swamp Thing, Poison Ivy, Green Lantern Corps Thing, Suicide Squad Most Wanted, Legend Of Wonder Woman… so I guess Katana, Metal Men, Metamorpho, Firestorm, Raven and Sugar & Spike yet to come, it seems…. And as well as the listed folk for Gotham Academy Yearbook, Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher, Hope Larson, Katie Cook, Ken Niimura,… Read more »

A Good Deed A Day In Huck From Millar And Albuquerque This November

New York Times bestselling writer Mark Millar (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Kick-Ass, Jupiter’s Legacy) teams up with Eisner Award-winning artist Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire) for an all-new series full of heart and drama. The series is entitled Huck, and is set in a quiet American town, where Huck uses his special gifts to do a… Read more »

2 Clips From Tonight’s Season Premiere Of The Flash

We have two clips from tonight’s season 2 premiere of The Flash. First up it looks like we get the first ever Flash Day but things get spoiled quickly by Atom Smasher. And then in clip two the Scarlet Speedster has another run in with Captain Cold and Heatwave and gets back-up from Firestorm. The… Read more »

“I Expect Super-Evil, Flying Monsters” – 3 Days Trailer For The Flash

Yesterday the CW released another countdown trailer for the Flash. We have more cut together footage of both to air and behind the scenes including the Flash (Grant Gustin) facing off with Atom Smasher (Adam Copeland), a good shot of Firestorm (Robbie Amell) with the time-storm above him and Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) and Joe… Read more »

Frankensteining DC Comics Solicitations For December 2015 – Robin War, Harley Love And Carrie Kelley Caught (UPDATE)

Thanks to DC Comics and their media partners Comic Vine, IGN, Newsarama and more to come… we will edit and update… (UPDATE: Fully finished!) Its worth remembering that a bunch of six issue series ended in November. New one starts in January. So what will December hold? Robin War! BATMAN ‘66 MEETS THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. #1 Written… Read more »

In One Week, In Two Weeks: Journey To The Journey To Star Wars: The Force Awakens

In one week we see the launch of Danger Girl, Plutona, Dark Tower, Deadpool Vs. Thanos, Figment 2, Miraclema, Mockingbird, Jimbo Jones, Til & Trouble, Aliens/Vampirella, Rocket Queen And The Wrench, and Evil Dead 2: Exmortis. And in two weeks, Mirrors Edge Exordium, Harley Quinn Road Trip.Super Angry Birds, Tet, Faster Than Life, Headlopper, Quake… oh and… Read more »

In One Weeks, In Two Weeks – Zodiac Stringers

In one week, the launch of New MGMT, Zodiac Starforce, Arkham Knight Genesis, Drive, Sherlock Holmes Seven Percent Solution, Ant Man: Last Days, Hank Johnson: Agent Of Hydra, Over The Garden Wall, Black Tiger, Stringers and Book Of Death: Fall Of Ninjak. And in two weeks? Danger Girl, Plutona, Dark Tower, Deadpool Vs Thanos, Figment… Read more »

Complete Image Comics Solicitations For November 2015 – Saga To Walking Dead And Everything In Between

November sees the launches of The Goddamned by Jason Aaron & RM Guera, Monstress (by Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda, Huck by Mark Millar & Rafael Albuquerque, Ringside by Joe Keatinge & Nick Barber, Citizen Jack by Sam Humphries & Tommy Patterson and Limbo #1 by Dan Watters and Caspar Wijngaard. We also get returning series from Matt Hawkins & Bryan Hill’s… Read more »

Alan Kupperberg Dies, Aged 62

According to his brother and fellow comic book professional Paul, veteran comic book artist and writer Alan Kupperberg died last night from thymus cancer, aged 62. Kupperberg was an artist on many Marvel comic books during the seventies and eighties including The Invaders, Thor, Marvel Two-In-One, What If, Defenders, Star Wars, Iceman, New Universe, The Punisher and Spider-Man titles… Read more »

SDCC ’15: DC – From Page to Screen

Friends and good friends alike, let me tell you a story.  As a wee lad, I had a school assignment.  The assignment: to make a diorama of my favorite book.  I chose Charlotte’s Web and proceeded into the impossible task of turning dental floss into a spiderweb saying “Some Pig!”  Needless to say, I wasted… Read more »

Swipe File: DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Vs. Fantastic Four

Here’s the cencept artwork for DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, featuring Firestorm, as seen in Entertainment Weekly‘s Comic-Con issue. And here is the cover of a copy of the Fantastic Four from a number of years ago during their Civil War crossover, by Adi Granov. And here is a comparison of the two, courtesy of Ross Pearsall… Read more »

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Gets Showrunner

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow has gotten its showrunner. The new CW series has tapped one of Greg Berlanti’s go-to writer/producers Phil Klemmer to head up the series. Klemmer has previously worked on other Berlanti series The Tomorrow People, Golden Boy and Political Animals. Klemmer will also serve as executive producer with Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Marc… Read more »

Gail Simone Finally Writes John Constantine – Ish. Well, He Still Has The Trenchcoat.

You can read this week’s free June Previews for yourself free on ComiXology – register here and then click here. And see more of our DC June Previews coverage here. Constantine should do a crossover with How I Met Your Mother. — GAIL SIMONE (@GailSimone) November 24, 2014 I always thought I’d like to read a… Read more »

Frankensteining DC Comics Solicitations For August 2015 – (COMPLETE UPDATE)

Thanks to DC Comics,  Newsarama, Comic Book and CBR… DC Comics sliced and diced for August 2015. Chop chop chop! BATMAN/SUPERMAN #23 Written by GREG PAK Art and cover by ARDIAN SYAF and VICENTE CIFUENTES Bombshells Variant cover by DES TAYLOR On sale AUGUST 12 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T “Truth” continues as Superman… Read more »

Arrow / Flash Crossover To Become Annual Event

At the Upfronts today, CW president Mark Pedowitz announced that the Arrow / Flash crossover was so successful they plan on making that an annual fourth-quarter event. But with a third series being added to the mix, it’s possible the network could add DC’s Legends of Tomorrow to the event and making it a CW… Read more »