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Will Firestorm Ongoing Be Announced At New York Comic Con?

The Firestorm fansite FirestormFan posted a rumour from comics fan Brandon Leonard reporting that at Toronto Fan Expo, a writer said that he’d turned down a Firestorm ongoing series, but that another writer had accepted the gig. The website had redacted the name of the declining writer to protect him. This is certainly how such… Read more »

The Speed Force, Ray Palmer And The Bug-Eyed Bandit Heading To The Flash

After last night’s mention of the Speed Force, we can see things are going to be picking up speed on The Flash. The show’s Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg talked with Entertainment Weekly about bringing the Speed Force, plans for the Pied Piper and why Ray Palmer and Felicity Smoak are coming back to Central City…. Read more »

Super Starts Here – New CW Promo For Flash And Arrow Shows Us Canary

The CW has embraced the fact that it isn’t the only comic book shows on the block, but they do have the only superheroes. Highlighting Flash, Arrow, Atom, Firestorm, Arsenal and even a good look at Katie Cassidy / Laurel Lance as the Black Canary… who looks pretty damn good here. I like that the… Read more »

The Hottest Comics Of 2014, Month By Month

By Terry Hoknes, Here are the highlights of the comics that had the biggest buzz during the year and saw, in most cases, overnight growth in value. January The year began with a big buzz for recent Image books that had modest print runs including Sex Criminals #1, Black Science #2, Manifest Destiny #1. By the… Read more »

A Peek At Tonight’s Arrow And Word Of A Major Villain’s Return

Last night was the first of the two-part crossover event between The Flash and Arrow. It contained a lot of fun and action and it was definitely more than a fluff piece for ratings as it moved the narratives of both hows along a bit. We get our first glimpse at Firestorm, a jump start… Read more »

Three’s Company – Now Jason Rusch Added To The Flash

The new CW television series The Flash had already cast Robbie Amell (The Tomorrow People) as Ronnie Raymond and Victor Garber (Alias) as Martin Stein. Now we are getting word that they have cast Luc Roderique (Supernatural) to play Jason Rusch. Rusch, another incarnation of the hero Firestorm, first appeared in comics in 2004. Firestorm started… Read more »

What To Do With The Bad Guys? A Clip From Tonight’s Episode Of The Flash

If you are watching The Flash, you may be wondering what they will be doing with all the meta-human (that’s what they call folks with super powers) villains… or at least the ones that don’t die. This is a question posed by Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) in this clip from tonight’s episode which… Read more »

First Look At The Women Of Dynamite Solicitations And Covers For January

Here is a look at the Women of Dynamite books solicited for January 2015. This is an exclusive fist look at the covers and solicitation texts. DAWN/VAMPIRELLA #4 (OF 6) Cover / Writer / Art: Joseph Michael Linsner ON SALE DATE: January 21 Dawn, self-proclaimed Goddess of birth and rebirth, conspires with her fellow captive… Read more »

After Twenty Years, Pat Broderick Returns To DC Comics

Pat Broderick began working as a DC Comics penciller in the early seventies, straight out of high school, as well as working for Atlas and Marvel, including Captain Marvel and Micronauts. He co-created the Creature Commandos, launched The Fury Of Firestorm in 1982, Captain Atom and drew Batman Year Three as well as Swamp Thing… Read more »

Everything That Happened At New York Comic Con On Bleeding Cool So Far In Over 200 Posts

So, a lot happened at New York Comic Con last week, and Bleeding Cool reporters were on hand to report it all. There’s plenty more coming down the pipe, but here’s what Bleeding Cool has run so far…. “What You Are Seeing In Rocket Girl Is Me Being Happy” – Amy Reeder, NYCC’s Special Guest… Read more »

And Now The Flash Gets Their Pied Piper

Seems like the folks at The Flash decided this was the day to make news. After already having photos of Reverse Flash leaked and the news the Victor Garber will play Dr. Martin Stein (one-half of Firestorm)… now we get word that the role of Hartley Rathaway / Pied Piper has gone to Smash alum… Read more »

Second Episode Synopsis For The Flash And Arrow

The CW has released the synopsis for the second episodes of the season for both Arrow and The Flash. On Arrow we get introduced to a new archer killing businemen in Starling City, Simon LaCroix / Komodo and in the flashbacks Oliver Queen gets his first kill order from Amanda Waller… and the target is… Read more »

CW Orders 3 Additional Scripts For The Flash

The Flash has gotten an additional three script order from the CW two weeks before its debut. Originally given a 13 episode order, the network bumped it up another three which is similar to what it did last year with their three new series: Reign, The Tomorrow People and The Originals. All three of those… Read more »

Thor’s Comic Review Column – New 52: Futures End, Doghouse Special, Letter 44, Supurbia Vol. 4

This Week’s Reviews: The New 52: Futures End #17 Doghouse Special #1 Letter 44 #9 Supurbia, Vol. 4 The New 52: Futures End #17 (DC Comics, $2.99) By Graig Kent When I was a kid, a teenager really, I spent so much time with my comics.  I would flip through each weekly pull at least… Read more »

A Neal Adams Batman Omnibus And More For 2015 From DC Comics

Lots of big comics coming from DC Comics. Some expected, some not. But all in the DC Comics Spring 2015 listings. Thanks to Aaron Hale for kicking this off for us. A new rapport with Neal Adams seems to have resulted in the following, Neal Adams Omnibus  (June 2, 2015) This hardcover omnibus collects: Material… Read more »

Thor’s Comic Review Column – Terminal Hero, Superior Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Miracleman, Big Trouble In Little China, Kick Ass 3

This week’s reviews include: Terminal Hero #1 Superior Spider-Man #32 Moon Knight #6 Miracleman #9 Big Trouble in Little China #3 Kick-Ass 3 #8 Terminal Hero #1 ($3.99, Dynamite) By D.S. Randlett (@dsrandlett) I’ve never been the world’s biggest Peter Milligan fan. Like many who count comics as a hobby, I’ve drifted in and out… Read more »

The Armorines Come To X-O Manowar… Again For The First Time

Valiant is bringing back another book from it’s publishing past. The Armorines first appeared in X-O Manowar #24 in 1994 and then has a #0 issue inserted into X-O Manowar #25. From there the series ran another 12 issues mostly written by Jorge Gonzalez and drawn by Jim Calafiore and Jose Delbo. Fast forward twenty… Read more »