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Takashi Miike To Make American Serial Killer Film, In 3D?

The forever prolific and recently creatively reinvigorated Takashi Miike is being sought to direct House of the Damned 3D, a Louisiana-set horror film with what sounds like a “body count” set-up. Here’s the plot blurb: Five friends band together to save the historic part of their town and inadvertently become targets of a serial killer… Read more »

Masters of Cinema Monthly November 2011 – Imamura, Italy and the London Film Festival

Craig Skinner writes for Bleeding Cool. Welcome to Masters of Cinema Monthly, a regular column here at Bleeding Cool dedicated to The Masters of Cinema Series. Every month I shall be writing about the latest Masters of Cinema news and taking a look at their latest titles. Below you can find news on forthcoming releases and reviews… Read more »

Now Really, Really Is The Time To Pre-Order Douglas Trumbull’s Sci-Fi Gem, Silent Running

We do like the Masters of Cinema DVD and Blu-ray label here at Bleeding Cool – you may have noticed as we started a regular column on their lavish special edition releases. They’re often called “Britain’s Criterion”, and I suppose that is easy enough to accept, if a touch condescending. One of their upcoming discs… Read more »

Masters of Cinema Monthly – October 2011

Craig Skinner writes for Bleeding Cool. Welcome to the first of what will be a monthly column here at Bleeding Cool dedicated to The Masters of Cinema Series. Every month I shall be writing about the latest Masters of Cinema news and taking a look at their latest releases. Below you can find news on the forthcoming… Read more »

Swipe File: Wayne’s World And John Ford’s The Iron Horse

John Ford’s the Iron Horse is coming soon to Masters of Cinema DVD and Blu-ray in a release befitting of such a cinema milestone, and bringing with it evidence that one of Wayne and Garth’s most popular jokes has been around since at least 1924. Here are a series of stills and intertitles from the… Read more »

Robin Hardy Introduces His Next Leading Lady For Follow-Up To The Wicker Tree

See that picture? That’s who Brendon has been spending time with today. It must be so difficult being the film editor here at Bleeding Cool, with all these great burdens upon your shoulders. One marvels at his ability to cope. Yes, say hello to Halla Vilhjálmsdóttir! And now say goodbye, because she’s changing her name… Read more »

Frightfest: Final Destination 5

It’s not that Wile E. Coyote keeps getting splatted that makes the Road Runner cartoons so wonderful, it’s the comic invention and, crucially, the staging, timing and animation of the splats. And an unexpected twist or two certainly never hurts either. And so I judge the Final Destination films. Each of these pictures follows a… Read more »

Blu-Ray Review: Amer

Craig Skinner writes for Bleeding Cool: Opening with the propulsive beats of a soundtrack culled from the very best of seventies Italian explotation, and a split screen montage that challenges the viewer to piece together the images on offer, Amer confidently announces itself early on as an art film steeped in a variety of cinematic… Read more »

Wake Up And Draw Like Jack Kirby For His 97th Birthday (UPDATE x2)

All hail the King! #WakeUpAndDraw Couldn’t wait! Happy Birthday to Jack Kirby! — Jerry Ordway (@JerryOrdway) August 28, 2014 Quick #WakeUpAndDraw for Jack Kirby’s birthday. Long live the King! — Dave Howlett (@paskettiwestern) August 28, 2014 for King Kirby’s birthday! #WakeUpAndDraw — Newtasty (@newtasty) August 28, 2014 For Hero Initiative #wakeupanddraw #heroinitiative… Read more »

Your Red Hood And The Outlaws Cover Rage May Begin Now – DC Solicitations For June 2014 (UPDATED)

You got sneak cover peek this morning. Now welcome to the DC Comics Solicitations for June 2014. We’ll update as DC Comics does… so yes, there’s a confirmation of the last issue of Larfleeze. But we also get the return of Tiny Titans! Another set of New 52 and DC Vertigo solicits to go… And Scott… Read more »

Masters of Monthly September 2012 – Top Tens, Ro.Go.Pa.G., Mabuse and an Interview with Francis Ford Coppola

Welcome to Masters of Cinema Monthly. Neil Armstrong sadly passed away on the 25th of August and upon hearing the news I immediately reached for my copy of  For All Mankind. An enrapturing film and a wonderful way to remember Armstong, I can highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t done so already. I have embedded a clip… Read more »

Sunday, Comic Con Sunday…

The final day of San Diego Comic Con, two weeks away…   10:00-11:00 Comic-Con How-to: Publishing Industry: From Manuscript to Industry— So you have the desire to write a book and get it published, but what does that really mean? Agents, editors, publishers, reviewers, self-publishing, traditional publishing, print on demand, ebooks, foreign language-the list goes… Read more »

Masters of Cinema Monthly December 2011 – Silent Running and Touch of Evil

Welcome to Masters of Cinema Monthly. As this month’s column comes shortly after the previous one there’s not too much MoC news. I’m therefore going to just focus on the two latest releases, the first fruits of MoC’s deal with Universal – Silent Running and Touch of Evil. These are really extraordinary releases though, and… Read more »

Friday Programming For San Diego Comic Con

Yeah, you thought Thursday was busy, then Friday came along… 10:00-11:00 DC: Talent Search— DC’s editorial art director, Mark Chiarello, presents an informative orientation session to explain how DC’s Talent Search works and discuss the different needs of DC Comics, Vertigo, and MAD magazine. If you want to learn what DC Comics looks for in… Read more »

San Diego Comic Con Massively Updateable Programming List

WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY IS COMPLETE A lot of the studios have been announcing their programming for the San Diego Comic Con 2011. But one or two comic book panels are sneaking in there too. Here’s everything so far – add other ones you know in the comments and we’ll update! Let’s crowd source as much… Read more »