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She-Hulk, Ultimates And X-Factor Cancelled In Marvel’s January 2015 Solicitations – And Where Is Avengers World?

Well, She-Hulk, Ultimates and X-Factor list their final issues for January. And Avengers World has gone missing, which never looks good. Electra, Ghost Rider and Invaders hang in there. The new Wolverines title gets the 3.99 price point, the first ongoing weekly comic to go there. Squirrel Girl at $3.99 suggests that weve seen the… Read more »

At Last, Here Comes Grant Morrison’s Miracleman, With Joe Quesada..

Grant Morrison has talked a  few times about the Kid Marvelman story he was asked to write for Warrior Magazine back in the day, after they’d fallen on bad terms with Alan Moore, only to get a note from Alan Moore asking him please not to. Well, there’s no one to stop him now. We’d… Read more »

The Original Writer Formerly Known As Alan Moore

Marvel have made an agreement with Alan Moore to not use his name in conjunction with their reprinting of the Marvelman/Miracleman comic book, at his request. Which necessitated such solicitations such as this; MIRACLEMAN #1 & 2 THE ORIGINAL WRITER & MICK ANGLO (W) GARRY LEACH, ALAN DAVIS, PAUL NEARY, STEVE DILLON & MICK ANGLO… Read more »

Officially Official: 9 Doctor Who Lost Episodes Recovered, Now On iTunes (UPDATE)

Filling in for other parts of the BC machine which are currently in motion in various parts of the world, so I’m sure someone will be by with a more indepth analysis soon, but here’s what’s official for now: Update: See also Michael Moran’s much more informative piece on this development. BBC Worldwide North America announces… Read more »

Lying In The Gutters – 8th September 2013 – But Will Katee Sackhoff Be Allowed To Marry?

Welcome to another week’s Lying In The Gutters. And a special thanks to DC Comics for giving us some cracklingly good weekend traffic. Whether it’s Batwoman, Harley Quinn or Aquaman, it’s all people have wanted to talk about. Not even Flash Thompson could keep up. Though our top story is very grateful to Reddit. Photo… Read more »