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Bleeding Cool At Kapow! Comic Con This Weekend

Clicky for biggy. So I’ll be at table 86, feel free to pop by and say hi, or just grab me as I run past. Bleeding Cool’s Brendon Connelly will also be along, as well as the burlesque Khandie Khisses and sexorcake. We’ll be the one with the Union Jack tablecover and union flags, ‘cos… Read more »

MCM London Expo 2010 – Friday And Most of Saturday

I’m not going to MCM London Expo today. Oh I want to, don’t get me wrong, but something (possibly in a bacon sandwich from the Fox pub) has seen me struck down with vomiting, shakes, diarrohea and the rest. Bleeurghh. The Eagle Awards went off well. Damn you CBR! I was very pleased to see… Read more »


Rich Johnston The internet’s original and best-known comic book reporter, Johnston has been covering the industry since he started posting his column on rec.arts.comics in 1992. His trademark mix of hard news and salacious gossip went through a number of incarnations, including Rich’s Revelations on the Twist and Shout Comics website, All the Rage for… Read more »

Covers To Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic #2

We saw her dancing at the launch party of Dodgem Logic. Well now she’s adorning one of the covers to the second issue, three in all.  Say a big hello to queen of burlesque, Khandie Khisses, in a shot taken by Mitch Jenkins. The other two covers feature other burlesque dancers from the show,  Luli… Read more »