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Twelve Posts Of Christmas: Eleven Bloggers Blogging

Eleven comic-related bloggers all committed to updating their blogs on Christmas Day. Why not check them out? 1. The Nerdery Blog Greg Hyatt’s blog does, well, exactly what it says on the tin. 2. Geek To Me Elliot Serrano’s geek-related blog for  Chicago Now will be posting on Christmas Day, as will his YouTube show…. Read more »

Tuesday At The Cool

Eleven year old girl: “If you were a teacher, what would you teach?” David Tennant: “English” Crowd: “Sex Ed!” So I woke today at noon. Janice has started going to work this week and her parents were by looking after the kids for today. It’s a whole new world. Tomorrow Bleeding Cool becomes “Bleeding children!!”… Read more »

Homies And Creator David Gonzales Hit Comics Shops This Fall

About a year ago we did a story about Dynamite making a deal to publish comics based on the 90’s cultural phenomenon Homies. Now things are moving forward as the publisher has announced the comic book adventures of Hollywood, Big Loco, Smiley, Gata, and the rest of the Homies cast, courtesy of all-new stories by Homies creator David Gonzales,… Read more »

Dynamite To Print Over 140,000 Copies Of Grumpy Cat Vol 2

Dynamite Entertainment is kicking off their pre-SDCC announcements with word of a second Grumpy Cat trade. The first trade, Grumpy Cat Vol 1: Misadventures has sold over 100,000 copies. Now, Grumpy Cat Vol 2: Grumpy Cat & Pokey is getting a 140,000 print run and will be in shops July 13th and in bookstores July… Read more »

All Of Friday’s Panels For San Diego Comic Con 2016

So much! So many! How is anyone ever meant to choose? Find Wednesday and Thursday here… and Saturday this time tomorrow. It’s San Diego Comic Con! On A Friday! 10:00am Comic Creator Connection All-Stars The Comic Creator Connection (CCC) is Comic-Con’s premier networking event that brings together writers and artists who are searching for their… Read more »

Ash Williams Runs For President… His Boomstick Might Stop The Gridlock

Is there a literary category for Political Horror? I mean besides the current election? If not, this may be the first entry. Elliott Serrano talks Army of Darkness: Ash for President one-shot, on sale in August from Dynamite. Cover by Elliot Fernandez. BYRON BREWER: Elliott, Ash has done some wild things in his film and comic… Read more »

A New Third Party Candidate – Army Of Darkness: Ash For President

In this current election season, with the likely choice being between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, many folks are looking for a third-party candidate. Dynamite has a suggestion, Army of Darkness: Ash for President. And lets be serious, just how much worse could Ash Williams be? Elliott Serrano, who already took AoD political once with… Read more »

Garth Ennis’ Red Team, Brickleberry, Lone Ranger / Green Hornet And More In Dynamite’s July 2016 Solicitations

There are some very interesting things in Dynamite’s July 2016 solicitations. Some of which were announced recently at Wondercon like the new Six Million Dollar Man series and Garth Ennis’ return to Red Team and even the continuation of the animated series Brickleberry. But also we see here a team up decades in the making… Read more »

Big Week For Dynamite With Bond, Shaft, Dresden, Tarzan, Red Sonja, The Shadow & Grumpy Cat

Big week for Dynamite Entertainment with seven titles hitting stores including the end of the Vargr storyarc in James Bond, a new Dresden Files series, the first issue of the Twlight Zone / The Shadow mash up and more. James Bond #6 writer: Warren Ellis artist: Jason Masters cover: Dom Reardon The secret of VARGR is revealed,… Read more »

Dynamite Reveals Grumpy Cat Coloring Book Cover

Seems Dynamite is getting into the coloring book craze that has recently taken off and have revealed a coloring book variant for the final order cutoff for Grumpy Cat and Pokey #1. The cover is by Steve Uy while the issue itself is written by Ben McCool, Elliott Serrano and Ben Fisher and has art by Agnes Garbowska, Steve Uy and Ken… Read more »

Dynamite Comics Solicits For April 2016 – James Bond, Xena And Grumpy Cat, All From One Publisher

We broke a few of these out yesterday, but go fill your boots… GOLD KEY: ALLIANCE #1 (OF 5) (W) Phil Hester (A) Brent Peeples (CA) Felipe Massafera, Phil Hester Turok, Dinosaur Hunter. Magnus, Robot Fighter. Solar, Man of the Atom. The Mighty Samson. The legendary heroes whose adventures have thrilled comic book readers for… Read more »

Grumpy Cat Hardcover Collection Close To Selling Out During Pre-Orders

The popularity of Grumpy Cat continues as Dynamite has announced that they are almost sold out of the 100,000 hardcover collections for the Misadventures of Grumpy Cat & Pokey miniseries. The third and final issue of the miniseries just hit stores last week and featured the writing of Ben Fisher (Smuggling Spirits), Ben McCool (Captain… Read more »

Exclusive Extended Previews Of The Precinct #1 And The Misadventures Of Grumpy Cat And Pokey #3

We have two exclusive extended preview from Dynamite today and I don’t think they could be any more different. First up is the Misadventures of Grumpy Cat and Pokey #3, a light-hearted and fun set of stories featuring the internet icon that launched a million memes… and then we have The Precinct #1, a steampunk… Read more »

Exclusive First Look At Dynamite’s Collected Editions For February 2016

And finally we have an exclusive look at Dynamite collected editions shipping in February 2016. These include the first Grumpy Cat hardcover and the second season of Uncanny. GRUMPY CAT Hardcover Cover: Steve Uy Writer: Ben McCool, Royal McGraw, Elliott Serrano, Ben Fisher Art: Steve Uy, Ken Haeser, Tavis Maiden, Agnes Garbowska Format: Hardcover Page… Read more »

Exclusive – Dynamite’s #1s For February: Dejah Thoris, Shaft And Grumpy Cat

Dynamite has three new #1’s hitting shelves in February of 2016 and we have the covers and solicitations for each. It starts of with the newly redesigned Dejah Thoris, then Shaft hits the streets again and finally Grumpy Cat and Pokey get a second series. DEJAH THORIS #1 Cover A: NEN Cover B: Jay Anacleto… Read more »

Army Of Darkness And Peanuts Humble Bundle Show Strength Of Digital Readership

Digital bundles have become very popular over the last year starting with Humble Bundle and then growing to a few other companies. The pay-what-you-want option and charity aspect are a big selling point for these deals, selling thousands of bundles at a time. For the first time recently Humble Bundle offered two bundles at the… Read more »

Exclusive Extended Previews For Grumpy Cat #2 And Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain #1

We have two exclusive extended preview from Dynamite this week. First up is the first issue of a new Pathfinder series called Hollow Mountain and then we get the second issue of the comic featuring the internet sensation Grumpy Cat. The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat and Pokey #2 writers: Ben McCool, Elliott Serrano, Ben Fisher… Read more »

Jim Kuhoric Prepares For Halloween With Army Of Darkness

Jim Kuhoric writes for Bleeding Cool: Army of Darkness may be the perfect movie, at least in my humble somewhat twisted horror-centric brain.  It is the culmination of all the little things that came together to make the work of Sam Rami and Bruce Campbell so iconic over the course of the Evil Dead trilogy.  And much like A Nightmare on… Read more »

Exclusive Extended Previews Of A Train Called Love And The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat And Pokey

We have two exclusive extended previews this week. First up is A Train Called Love by Garth Ennis and an extremely talented artist named Mark Dos Santos. Then we get Dynamite’s newest sensation, the internet phenomenon in The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat and Pokey #1. A Train Called Love #1 writer: Garth Ennis artist: Mark… Read more »

Exclusive First Grumpy Cat #3 And Other Dynamite Humor Titles For December

We have a first look at the humor titles shipping from Dynamite in December. These are lead by A Train Called Love #3, Bob’s Burgers #6 and the third and final issue of Grumpy Cat. A TRAIN CALLED LOVE #3 (OF 10) Cover A: Russ Braun Writer: Garth Ennis Art: Mark Dos Santos Call-me-Dave meets his… Read more »

Bond, Cage Hero And Aliens/Vampirella – Dynamite Solicitations For November 2015

Warren Ellis on James Bond is obviously the highlight and may give Dynamite their highest charting title in years. But there’s also Kevin Eastman on Cage Hero, the launch of Aliens/Vampirella and plenty more from Dynamite in November 2015… take a look. JAMES BOND #1 (W) Warren Ellis (A) Jason Masters (CA) Dom Reardon Beginning… Read more »

Fisher, McCool And Young Talk Grumpy Cat #1

With the upcoming release of Grumpy Cat #1, Byron Brewer sat down with writers Ben Fisher & Ben McCool and editor Rich Young to talk about the new series. Cover art by Steve Uy, Ken Haeser and Tavis Maiden. BYRON BREWER: Grumpy Cat has been popular since her photos hit social media in 2012. Can you… Read more »