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Wednesday Trending Topics: An X-Men First Class Exclusive, An Avengers Filming Mystery

The BC was dominated by film and tv today, what with Rich on television (again!) and an X-Men First Class trailer exclusive and Brendon unearthing a bunch of other film stories, as usual.  Also, there’s Greg Capullo Batman. Tomorrow? The world. Today… this: Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Greg Capullo’s First Batman And Robin Pencils This… Read more »

Exclusive: X-Men First Class International Trailer

It’s X-Men: First Class.  It’s a trailer. It’s international. And wherever you are, you’ve seen it here first. Make with the clicky. We know there’s been an American trailer recently released. And this is similar, certainly. But it also has footage you haven’t seen anywhere else. I’ll let Brendon tell you what – and why… Read more »

Yet More New X-Men: First Class Trailers, New Release Dates

There’s more new footage in these latest trailers for X-Men: First Class. We’re several trailers in now and I’m still leaning forward, keenly, ready to eat of director Matthew Vaughn’s hand. The first half of the trailer is biased towards the relationship between Charles and Eric, the second contains rather a lot more action. It’s… Read more »

Russian Trailer For X-Men: First Class Brings Some Nice New Footage – UPDATED: Translated

While Thor speaks French, the X-Men speak Russian. Look close enough at this new, international trailer for X-Men: First Class and you’ll see: Bleeding Cool doesn’t lie to you. Well, not about things like this anyway. Great to see Bill Milner there, as the youngest Erik Lensherr. A nicely lit trailer too, well cut, and… Read more »

Look! It’s Havok In X-Men: First Class

It remains to be seen what kind, or size, of role Havok will have in Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class. I’d also be taking wild shots in the dark if I were to speculate as to why he’s pictured here in a burning… hangar? Tunnel? Makes this image of Lucas Till in character a touch… Read more »

A Close Look At Two X-Men: First Class Character Posters

Here are two X-Men: First Class character posters, focusing on the film’s leads, James McAvoy as Charles Xavier and Michael Fassbender as Erik Lensherr. Interesting designs: They’re tilted in opposing directions. Like, you know, metaphorically. Depending on which poster you position where, the guys are either looking away from each other, backs turned, our turned… Read more »

X-Men First Class Interview: Nicholas Hoult On Beast, With Updates On Jack The Giant Killer And Mad Max

Jens Altmann reports for Bleeding Cool: Question: Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way first: are you a comic book reader? Nicholas Hoult: I’ve read a couple of them before starting work on this (film). But since then I’ve read a lot, a little bit of X-Men and Avengers and things like that,… Read more »

Thor And X-Men: First Class Writers To Appear At MCM Expo

Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz are amongst the screenwriters of both Thor and X-Men: First Class. Today, MCM have announced that the two scribes will be appearing on a panel at the next London Expo, this May. Sure, that’s after Thor has been released and just a few days before First Class hits screens, so… Read more »