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Matthew Vaughn On X-Men: First Class – On The Writing Credits, On The Bond Influence, On The Difficult Shoot And More

It seems like the quality of X-Men: First Class is inversely proportional to the difficulties faced in bringing it to the screen. These challenges, and how some of them were overcome, made up much of my chat with Matthew Vaughn at the weekend. We also talked about the X-Men film he almost made some years… Read more »

Matthew Vaughn Tells Us Which Hot Potato An X-Men: First Class Follow Up Could Juggle

While Matthew Vaughn is literally recovering from the stresses and strains of making X-Men: First Class, a massive, complex and ambitious film that he delivered in amazing time before succumbing to some nasty, exhaustion-abetted tonsillitis, he’s also being gracious enough to speak to the press. Chatting with him on Sunday yielded a wonderful amount of… Read more »

I’ve Seen X-Men: First Class And Want To Tell You About It

While the big press screenings for X-Men: First Class are yet to take place, I am lucky enough to have seen it already. Embargoes being what they are, I can’t exactly review the film right now, but I’m going to go ahead and tell you about it anyway, and I even promise a nice clear… Read more »

Wednesday Trending Topics: An X-Men First Class Exclusive, An Avengers Filming Mystery

The BC was dominated by film and tv today, what with Rich on television (again!) and an X-Men First Class trailer exclusive and Brendon unearthing a bunch of other film stories, as usual.  Also, there’s Greg Capullo Batman. Tomorrow? The world. Today… this: Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Greg Capullo’s First Batman And Robin Pencils This… Read more »

Exclusive: X-Men First Class International Trailer

It’s X-Men: First Class.  It’s a trailer. It’s international. And wherever you are, you’ve seen it here first. Make with the clicky. We know there’s been an American trailer recently released. And this is similar, certainly. But it also has footage you haven’t seen anywhere else. I’ll let Brendon tell you what – and why… Read more »

Yet More New X-Men: First Class Trailers, New Release Dates

There’s more new footage in these latest trailers for X-Men: First Class. We’re several trailers in now and I’m still leaning forward, keenly, ready to eat of director Matthew Vaughn’s hand. The first half of the trailer is biased towards the relationship between Charles and Eric, the second contains rather a lot more action. It’s… Read more »