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    Default Did Rome Fall Or Was It Pushed?

    Amiculus: A Secret History.Travis Horseman, Writer/Creator.Giancarlo Caracuzzo, Artist.Kickstarter begins: Monday, June 2.Kickstarter ends: Saturday, July 12

    AMICULUS is a quasi-historical epic, telling a ?lost? history of the fall of Rome through the eyes of its last emperor, a 12-year-old boy named Romulus. Through him we see Rome at the moment of its collapse, besieged by a vast barbarian army. Yet within Rome a secret war rages, revealing an intricate mosaic of conspiracy within conspiracy, bloodshed and betrayal, tragedy and loss. At its center is AMICULUS, a mysterious cloaked figure manipulating generals, kings, and western civilization. As themightiest empire on earth crumbles, we are left to wonder: did Rome merely fall, or was it pushed?

    Travis Horseman writes,

    Truth, as the clich? goes, is often stranger than fiction. So much so, that it can be hard to tell the two apart.

    What do you believe?

    Do you believe that a Roman emperor once smothered an entire dinner party under several tons of rose petals? That a barbarian king turned an emperor?s skull into his favorite drinking cup?

    Do you believe that an emperor, after being captured in battle, was used human footstool, then strangled, flayed, dyed red and hung on the wall as an ornament? Or that another Roman general was killed by being fed molten gold, then decapitated and turned into a prop in a play?

    How about this? Do you believe an emperor made it a capital offense to mention a goat in his presence? Or that another one kept man-eating bears named ?Goldflake? and ?Innocence? as pets? Or that one hitched his chariot to a team of naked women and made them pull him through the streets?

    Would you believe there were Roman emperors with names like ?Little Boots,? ?Short Cloak,? and even ?Poop-Name??

    Ridiculous, right?

    No. All true.

    Now let me put this to you:

    Would you believe the last emperor of the western half of the Roman Empire was a sad, powerless twelve-year-old boy, controlled like a puppet by his father?

    And that when Rome fell to the barbarians, this boy, his throne taken, his father slaughtered, was cast into exile, and disappeared from history?

    Would you believe that, sixty years later, a secret history of Rome?s fall, written by this boy, was discovered?

    And that in this history one man, acting on the last day of this sordid, debauched, blood-soaked empire?s existence, was the one who brought it all crashing to the ground?

    Would you believe that this man may not have been a man at all?

    He is Amiculus. And he knows the truth.

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    Someone forgot to include the Kickstarter link, but it's an intriguing project.
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    this "history" sounds more exciting than multi-generational lead contamination and political infighting

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    Default Kickstarter Link to Amiculus: A Secret History


    Here is the link to the Kickstarter:

    Please check out the Bleeding Cool mini-stretch goal while you're there!


    Travis Horseman

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    This looks promising. Good luck!

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    Of course it was

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    I love Roman History, so this sounds very interesting....
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    I thought it was Spartacus's slave uprising? ;D
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