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    Default Will Avengers Vs The Ultimates In 2014 Lead To The End Of The Ultimate Universe? (UPDATE)

    UPDATE: Brian Bendis has tweeted;
    The Ulitmate universe is not cancelled! the concept of legit comics reporting is though.

    Of course, this story did go through Marvel press people who didn't object to the piece - though they did ask that another story remove a detail that could spoil the Age Of Ultron, which I was happy to comply with. Both stories were similarly sourced.

    Here's the original:

    There are still more rumours and gossip to sift through from the Marvel Summit. We've already talked about a rumour of a Death Of Wolverine story in 2014, resulting from Wolverine's healing factor damage suffered during time travel trips in Age Of Ultron.

    Well, here's another big one. The rumour is that we're going to see an Avengers Vs The Ultimates series next year, the second 616/Ultimate crossover, pitting one Captain America against the other.

    And that the whole event may lead to the end of the Ultimate Universe, in print published form at least...

    The Ultimate Universe was created by Bill Jemas as a way to refresh characters that had become mired in continuity. Since those early innocent days, the Ultimate books have become mired in their own continuity and have been through a number of relaunches. Could it be that their time has finally come? Ultimate Spider-Man is still a fantastic entry point for so many...

    I'm also told from another source that before then, Joshua Hale Fialkov, may be writing The Ultimates for Marvel taking over from Sam Humphries (we've also rumoured Fialkov may have two Green Lantern comics on his plate as well).

    Naturally no one involved with any of this chose to comment. Which is probably the way it should be.

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    My body is not ready for Hickman's 616-Reed to face off against Hickman's Ultimate-Reed in a fight for their reality, but if it takes being bombarded by cosmic rays, it will be by 2014!

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    Why the end of the Ultimate Universe? Maybe they'll New 52 the 616 Universe by having the Ultimates come out on top?

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    {imagines two-page splash of The Watcher straining to hold two Earths from crashing together, ala' Spectre}

    I like!! Print two of them!
    The original Cretin!
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    Just let Bendis do Ultimate Spider-Man as long as he wants. Cancel the rest and let Bendis use whichever characters he chooses in Ultimate Spider-Man. No need to throw that book away when it's still good.

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    Ultimate Apocalypse!
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    Ultimately they will merge them into the 666 verse

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anti-Chris View Post
    Just let Bendis do Ultimate Spider-Man as long as he wants. Cancel the rest and let Bendis use whichever characters he chooses in Ultimate Spider-Man. No need to throw that book away when it's still good.
    I vote for that. Ultimate Spider-Man is still mostly great, even minus Peter Parker (still holding out hope for his return). The other Ultimate books have been pretty terrible since the end of Millar's last run. Ultimates vs. Avengers holds very little interest for me unless Millar or Bendis writes it.

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    Which would be a shame. I have every book of the Ultimate U and have to say they finally have it in a place where they are no longer just trying to copy 616. Pretty much the entire run of the original Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Spiderman were very much "here's our modern retake of classic storyline X".

    Ultimatum was a bit of a bullshit restart but since they dumped PP as Spidey things have become unique. Ultimates is probably their worst book these days.

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    I'm ok with this. I think the Ultimate line should take a rest.

    Eventually we'll all hold it in the same nostalgic way lots of use remember the New Universe, or 2099, or Age of apocalypse.

    It'll be back as minis, ongoing, or whatever when nostalgia demands.

    As for those worried about Miles Morales, remember the end of Spider-Men hinted at his 616 counterpart so perhaps we'll have a Spider-Boy sooner than later. (Or not, really not sure how Amalgam titles got copyrighted.)

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