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    Default Helena Bonham Carter And Dominic West To Play Elizabeth Taylor And Richard Burton

    What the world needs now is a TV movie about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton like Lindsay Lohan needs a hole in the head.

    Yep, a real good, palette cleansing TV movie about Liz and Dick would go down a treat right about now.

    The BBC might be the ones to deliver. They're planning the 90-minute telefilm Burton and Taylor for BBC 4, set to star Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West in the title roles. Well... they don't look right, to my eyes. But they might nail it. How good will they be at acting lurid overacting, do you reckon?

    According to the BBC announcement, the film is going to be set in 1983, around a staging of Noel Coward's Private Lives with the two superstars. It was a notorious production; you may want to check out the New York Magazine account of just what a mess it was.

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    The story is going to have to be interesting on its own and not depend on the fact that it's about Liz & Dick. Lots of people today don't even know who they were. Liz did very little in the last 30 years of her life and Richard Burton had become something of a self-parody after 1970 with his best work done more than 40 years ago. Their most famous film was Cleopatra which is now viewed largely as an example of Hollywood wretched excess. Today's audiences have little sense of cinema history. Hitchcock was a very interesting film which got good reviews and very poor boxoffice (In the US it grossed about 6 million total, which is a disaster).

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