Tonight the BBC announced their replacement for Merlin - which is tosay, a Saturday evening show that can run in the off-season betweenstints of Doctor Who. This isn't meant derisively, it's just that Whoisn't going anywhere any time soon, and it will always leave a gap inthe schedule that needs filling, and for a while now, the fillingshave come and gone.

Atlantis will be part filmed in Wales, like Who, but also in Morocco,which is where some folk actually believe the real Atlantis may havebeen. At least I think that's their theory - I tend to tune out whenthey start up about "the real Atlantis."

The new show has been created by Howard Overman who has had hisbiggest success with Rich's beloved Misfits, less success with theDirk Gently TV series and something grey and sticky that may once havebeen in the same room as actual success with the cop comedy, Vexed. Iblame the title.

There are few more details on Atlantis as yet, other than a promise ofa lead character called Jason and a thirteen episode run in the sameslots that would have gone to Merlin this autumn.