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    Default Sin City Gets A Shot Of Pure Evil In The Form Of Stacy Keach

    The man who was Mike Hammer has been cast as Wallenquist, the most evil man in Sin City.

    According to Variety, Stacy Keach will be playing the role in A Dame To Kill For. They quote Frank Miller's description of Keach as:
    the one man who can't be redeemed in Sin City.
    In the comics he's German-American, despite the neither German or American name, and nicknamed The Kraut. For all of the black andwhite, Sin City often dabbled with moral complexity, and Wallenquistis a part of this - even while it wasn't a part of him.

    I'll be curious to see how big a role he has in the film. It could beeasy to trim it to a single scene, even.

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    I keep wondering if this is going to swipe bits out of HELL AND BACK.

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    Great casting. Still won't see it.
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    Keach = fucking win

    Quote Originally Posted by WedShuffle View Post
    I keep wondering if this is going to swipe bits out of HELL AND BACK.
    I know originally for the sequel they were going to do Hell and Back, Dame to Kill For, and one new mini written by Frank Miller. Not sure what the plans are now - but I'm pretty sure Hell and Back will still be one of the 3 arcs

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