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    Default Second Trailer For Rob Zombie's Lords Of Salem Is More Conventional But Might Be More Revealing

    Cut together to the opening of Mozart's Requiem, the first teaser for Lords of Salem was more persuasively atmospheric and intriguing than the typical horror promo. It just wouldn't do, however, as it only hinted at the plot and, as you know, trailers are supposed to actually spell out all of the key points in the first two acts of any movie.

    As a compromise, here's the second trailer for the film. This will do better at informing you as to what Lords of Salem is actually about - it just won't work so well at convincing you to see the film.


    You can stream that in HD or download it at Apple.

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    DUDE. Stop putting your fucking wife in all your movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadTitan86 View Post
    DUDE. Stop putting your fucking wife in all your movies.
    Yeah, who do you think you are? Tim Burton?

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    I wonder what other actresses were up for the lead role before Rob told the producers, "I have the perfect person for this."

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