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    Default Who's Got A Spare Half Million For A Detective Comics #27?

    Coming to Heritage Auctions -- a copy of the first appearance of Batman, Detective Comics #27 in 6.5 CGC condition. Could get half a million, slated to be auctioned off on February 21st, it already has a bid close to a quarter of a million...

    Also on the block is John Romita Sr?s Amazing Spider-Man #121 cover for The Night Gwen Stacy Died,(also see our previous coverage of this key 1970s cover)the Dave Gibbons? Watchmen #1 cover art we mentioned the other day expected to hit a hundred thousand, as well as the cover art for Watchmen #2 and #3, and eventually all the Watchmen covers. A Calvin and Hobbes daily strip originally published on Nov. 3, 1986 is also under the hammer. As is Al Feldstein, Weird Science-Fantasy Annual #1 Cover Original Art (EC, 1952), Jack Kirby Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #133 Original Art (DC, 1970), the last page of The Dark Knight Returns#4, , Page 38 of Batman: The Killing Joke and Detective Comics #35 CGC 3.0,

    So, who's got a spare half million?

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    detective comics???? why not use detective connan???? whahaha......the small detective is much better than

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