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    Default Edgar Wright's The World's End - Two More Images And Some Simon Pegg Chatter

    The pub names in Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's sci-fi comedy The World's End are more than just incidental. Pegg told Empire:
    When you've seen the film, you'll be able to relate each pub name to what happens inside.
    I shared the poster before with the headline:
    Wright And Pegg?s The World?s End Gets A Superb Poster That Will Mean More And More As The Movie Unfolds
    And it's nice to know I wasn't just making that up.

    Another Pegg quote has it that:
    It's a much bigger proposition than the other two films.
    I'll be fascinated to see why The Trusty Servant has the name it does - it hints at some kind of character dynamic we don't know about yet. To be honest, though, we don't know much about the film at all.

    Empire also published a couple of new pictures from the film. One plays to the pub side of the premise, the other seems to tease the sci-fi element because, well, that's what backlight through smoke means, right? That or 1980s cop movie with synth soundtrack and I don't this is one of those.

    That line-up at the bar just feels like it comes from a shot that lasts a second, at most, and either contains or is followed by a whip pan. Not that I want to reduce Wright's filmmaking choices to cliches... he just has a style.

    Pegg is playing Gary King and Nick Frost is playing Andy Knight - maybe that's The Trusty Servant explained. I wonder if this naming pattern will mean that Martin Freeman's character, Oliver, is actually called Oliver Queen? That's my hunch anyhow.

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    They are all dead, in purgatory (their world has ended).
    "The first post" is just that
    say goodbye to "the Old Familiar"
    One of the characters is a "famous Cock"
    they are all "the good companions"
    The pubs represent the different levels of hell.
    The servant is the porter of hell gate from Shakespeares Macbeth
    The two headed dog is cerberus.
    I've over-thought this.

    (if all of the above is wrong*, I donate this to the public domain)

    *very likely.

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    Default Surely I'm not the only who noticed?

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