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    Default Mike Hawthorne On The Continent

    American comic creator Mike Hawthorne, of the likes of GI Joe, Fear Agent and Three Days In Europe seems to have been spending more time in that latter continent.

    Here is a preview for the comic Oms, he is drawing for French publisher Ankama, an adaptation of a book by famous french SF writer Stephan Wul. The book had been adapted before for an animated movie, Fantastic Planet.

    The publisher intends to adapt ALL Wul books, there are a couple others in the way. Here are some previews:

    Niourk drawn by Olivier Vatine, who has drawn a few Star Wars comics in the past.

    And Piege Sur Zarkass written by Yann, the writer of Gringos Locos. He wrote a short Captain America story in the past, for the Jemas-era special Red, White and Blue...

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    Heh, I remember renting Fantastic Planet as a kid (what do you mean, "it's not for children"? It clearly says here it's a cartoon!) and just being confused as hell. Some 20 years later I stumbled upon it again and decided to give it another spin, and it's been one of my favorite sci-fi pieces of all time ever since.

    I'd love to read the book, but I'm fairly certain my French is not up to it.

    The art on that comic is just absolutely gorgeous. I'm going to have to get my hands on a copy somehow.

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