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    Default James Ellroy's American Tabloid Lands On James Franco's Acting And Directing To Do Lists

    He's open about it being early days, and plans could yet turn soft, but James Franco is wanting to direct and star in a film of James Ellroy's American Tabloid.

    He told MTV:
    We're going to do American Tabloid... It's not all put together yet. It's still early. You're getting the scoop.
    The book has a pretty big scope, so this would likely be Franco's most ambitious picture yet. Here's a blurb to give you some idea:
    We are behind, and below, the scenes of JFK's presidential election,the Bay of Pigs, the assassination--in the underworld that connectsMiami, Los Angeles, Chicago, D.C....

    Where the CIA, the Mob, J. Edgar Hoover, Howard Hughes, Jimmy Hoffa,Cuban political exiles, and various loose cannons conspire in a covertanarchy...

    Where the right drugs, the right amount of cash, the right murder,buys a moment of a man's loyalty...

    Where three renegade law-enforcement officers--a former L.A. cop andtwo FBI agents--are shaping events with the virulence of their greedand hatred, riding full-blast shotgun into history...
    Why, of course James Franco is interested in this.

    It sounds like an expensive project to get right, and it's certainly on a big canvas. I felt more confident about the chances of it landing right when Tom Hanks' Playtone were looking to adapt the book into a TV series. I wonder how that went wrong?

    Here's the full interview between MTV, Franco and his Kink co-director Christina Voros - or at least the few seconds they decided to share.

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    Great book! Cautiously optimistic.

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    Absolutely, a great book. Hopefully a single movie can do it justice.

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