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    Default Five Minutes With Jaimie Alexander - The Last Stand And The Thor 2 Secret She's Never Been Asked About Before

    This Thursday sees the release of The Last Stand across the UK, a return to big-screen action movie starring roles for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    But he's not on his own in kicking back at the bad guy's asses - he's joined by Jaimie Alexander, best known in this parish for her role as Sif in the Thor films.

    I got to sit down with Alexander and talk to her about The Last Standand Thor 2. I took an unorthodox approach to the Thor questioning, but I think it paid off...


    Interesting. Sounds like a love triangle in the offing...?

    Thanks to Ms. Alexander for taking the time to talk to me. Patrick should have more on The Last Stand for you in the next couple of days. Spoiler alert: he certainly had a good time with it.

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    She has hinted about a possible Thor/Sif romance before this.

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    Nicely done Brandon.
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