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    Default Con Wars Part Two! Kansas And St Louis

    Planet Comicon has been going in Kansas City for twelve years.

    A smaller show, this year sees its April 6th and 7th show moving to a much bigger facility.

    A few weeks ago Wizard announced they were doing a Wizard World St. Louis show, three hours East of Kansas City, the week before Planet Comicon.


    A few years (and a different mangement team) ago, I understand they floated the idea of putting a show in Kansas City on the exact weekend of Planet Comicon.

    This at least is a step up. Ish.

    Con Wars!

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    Is Wizard World run by assholes?

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    Randy Orton! Doesn't that just scream "comics"?
    $200.00 to meet James Marsters? I met him for free in Chicago.
    Guess I'll stick with Project Comicon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maybeland View Post
    Is Wizard World run by assholes?
    Are you new?

    Seriously though, I would have thought once Gareb Shamus got the heave ho that some of this would have calmed down. I guess it's their corporate culture.

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    Anyone who claimed defended Wizard World PDX... I would like to hear the defense in this. I don't mind when there are more than one conventions in a city. But in this case (and Emerald City Comic Con) the convention has been going on for over ten years, and Wizard sets up shop in the backyard and holds the convention one week before the convention. That is absolute shitty behavior, and hurts the industry.

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    Really, how does it serve ANYONE for Wizard to pull this crap over and over? Do they honestly think the world is a better place with no comic conventions put on by competant, intelligent promoters who aren't just greedy assholes?
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    Rich, Kansas City, both the city and the con, are in Missouri, not Kansas. Please change your headline to read Kansas City.

    Believe me, you're pissing off every Missourian in the area for associating them with those people.

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    Here's the thing:
    Planet Comic Con has the following guests:
    Jason Aaron
    Peter Bagge *
    Adam Baldwin *
    Julia Benson *
    Elizabeth C. Bunce
    Cullen Bunn
    C.B. Cebulski *
    Gerry Duggan *
    Alex Grecian
    Chris Grine
    Jeremy Haun
    Dennis Hopeless
    Greg Horn
    Brian Hurtt
    Jennifer Janesko
    Dave Johnson
    Damont Jordan
    Tom Kane
    Matt Kindt
    Jeff Lemire *
    Kevin Mellon
    Jeremy Mohler
    B. Clay Moore
    Tony Moore
    Darren Neely
    Jai Nitz
    Dan Panosian
    Dan Parent
    Ande Parks
    Seth Peck
    Don Rosa
    Steven Sanders
    Eric Shanower
    Scott Snyder *
    Kyle Strahm
    Frank Tieri *
    Ethan Van Sciver *
    Freddie Williams II
    Skottie Young

    Wizard World St. Louis has
    Cullen Bunn
    Rick Burchett
    Gary Friedrich
    Michael Golden
    Brian Hurtt
    Matt Kindt
    Tyler Kirkham
    Stan Lee
    Jorge Molina
    Chris Samnee
    Arthur Suydam
    Freddiw Williams III
    Renee Witterstaetter

    So unless the handful of creators who are going to be at WWSL and not at PC are ones you really want to see, go to PC. The price is less and you'll notice a more "comic book focused" convention. If you want multi-media and entertainment guests then go to WW.
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    I could be wrong, but I really don't see a con in St. Louis seriously cutting into the traffic of a con in Kansas City. They're about 250 miles apart - about 3 1/2 hours by car on a pretty miserable stretch of I-70.

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    It may be 3 hours between the two, but the longest 3 hours of your life not directed by James Cameron. Cincy to Columbus has nothing on the STL/KC drive.

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