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    Default Free WebComic, Crossed: Wish You Were Here, Live with New Chapter

    A new chapter of?*Crossed: Wish You Were Here,?*Avatar's?*adults-only web comic written by?*Si Spurrier's?*(X-Men Legacy,?*Extermination, 2000AD), is?*now live. If you haven't tried Crossed yet - the over-the-top outbreak story created by?*Garth Ennis?*(Preacher, The Boys, Chronicles of Wormwood) - you can read a free 8-page chapter from Avatar Press every Thursday.

    You can currently find the first 22 chapters of?*Crossed: Wish You Were Here?*collected in soft and hard cover editions at your local comic shop.

    To read the individual web chapters from the beginning for free, click?*here.

    If you like Wish You Were Here, and want to explore more stories of the Crossed-plagued world, Crossed: Badlands publishes twice a month. You can find the on-going series and several collected editions in soft or hardcover at your favorite local comic shop!

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    Waht happened to the previous artist, Javier Barreno ? Is this a temporary change or is it permanent ?

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