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    Default Jurassic Jungle Boogie Nights for Fearless Dawn

    Steve Mannion's fighting mad bad girl Fearless Dawnwill be making a return to comics and he is using Kickstarter, the popularcrowdfunding resource, to get it published through Asylum Press.

    Steve Mannion's unique art and storytelling have been rocking the underground comic book industry for years. His talents have bled into the mainstream as well, on such titles as Batman: Black and White, The Bomb, Detective Comics, Fear Agent, Warlash and Captain America SOL just to name a few.

    The Fearless Dawn "Jurassic Jungle Boogie Nights" Kickstarter sketch edition is one of the premium's available for those who contribute.Rewards also include original art, Steve Mannion 2012 sketchbooks, Fearless Dawn signed packs, original sketches and more.

    From the press release:
    It's World War Two and the Nazis are threatening world domination. A new hero rises to fight the Axis... It's a New Dawn!... FEARLESS DAWN! With her trusty Retro-Rocket and Sidekick Betty, there's plenty of ACTION afoot. Enter the evil Helga Von Krause, Fearless Dawn's arch nemesis and the sparks really begin to fly! Helga's cooking up a plot to invade with an army of genetically-modified Dinosaur warriors that threaten to smash everything in the free world unless she is stopped! Can FEARLESS DAWN save the Day?!?

    Drawn in an appealing retro style and loaded with fun, Fearless Dawn will surely entertain anyone who enjoys a great action adventure. Imagine Indiana Jones crossed with Mad Magazine and you'll get a pretty good idea of what we're delivering here.

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    I'm a backer. I'm also a sucker for kickstarters.
    It feels good to know you're helping someone complete a mission or dream of theirs which may not happen without this type of support while also getting to enjoy the outcome yourself.

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    Steve Mannion seriously needs a good writer to work with. His art is great but the stories are chaotic nonsense.

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