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    Default Chronicle's Dane DeHaan Shot A Movie With Metallica And It's Coming Out In August

    Linda Ge writes for Bleeding Cool.Here's a twist to the current trend of pop stars getting in on the movie business through releasing part-documentary, part-concert films theatrically. This one looks to be part-fictional narrative and part-concert, and it stars not Justin Bieber, Katy Perry or One Direction, but Metallica.

    The band's official website made the announcement today - with a hat tip toUpandComers.*

    Director Nimord Antal shot the band over the course of three nights in concert in Vancouver last summer, and the plot revolves around a young crew member - to be played by the fantastic star of Chronicle and future Amazing Spider-Man villain Dane DeHaan - sent out on an urgent errand while the band is on stage. No more details to the plot than that, but really, what else do you need?

    Sounds like it could be awesome or, potentially, Family Guy parody level bad. In any case, it's called Metallica Through The Never and it comes out on August 9th.

    *Brendon's note: Linda's other joint. Also, this film sounds a bit like Entropy, but with more music.

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    I am guessing that "Metallica: Through The Never" will be a MetallicA movie in much the same way that "Detroit Rock City" was a KISS movie where the only acting you will get from the band is the obligatory concert footage with fans pretending to go apeshit after filming the same song 15 times.

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