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    Default Disney Update On Just About Everything - Muppets, Marvel, Pirates And More

    In announcing release dates for several of their upcoming projects,Disney have also fleshed out the official info on these various films.There are still some gaps, mind. While The Muppets' sequel has beengiven a release date of March 21st 2014, it's just being referred toThe Muppets 2 and that's apparently not the case at all, with the filmgoing into production this week under the working title of TheMuppets... Again.

    There are dates for the second Captain America and Guardians of theGalaxy on the sheet too - April 4th 2014 and August 1st 2014respectively. Both of these Marvel movies will be released in 3D.

    As will 1952, Brad Bird's secret-ish sci-fi film that we think mightjust be about Nikolai Tesla but very probably isn't. George Clooney isgoing to star and we understand there are key roles for kids too,including a teenage girl. Maybe there are UFOs in it, somewhere, maybethere aren't. That one's coming on December 19th 2014.

    Conversely, Disney have now removed The Little Mermaid 3D from theirrelease schedule. I assume it will still head to disc, though that'syet to be confirmed.

    Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is now on the calendar for July 10th 2015.Johnny Depp is named as the star, which might mean he's signed on orit might mean they won't make it if he doesn't.

    And finally, Maleficent has been bumped back a little from a releasenext Spring to a Summer date on July 2nd 2014, just a little later.

    Of course, Disney will also be releasing animated movies and, from2015, Star Wars films. Mickey's tent certainly won't be left wantingfor poles. I can hardly think of a better stock option in Hollywood.

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    Disney just aint doing that well with 3D re-releases anymore..... lion king was a suprise hit, but everything else has had so-so numbers. even the pixar re-releases have underperformed.

    too bad. i kinda wanted to see little mermaid

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