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    Default Under The Dome On TV Will Be Bigger Than The Novel And Gory Too

    From the sounds of it, Brian K. Vaughan's TV adaptation of the StephenKing novelUnder the Dome is going to be big, bold and, very possibly,brilliant.

    It seems that Crave Online kept a recorder running while an earlypromo for the show played at the TCA Press Tour, and they've writtenup some quotes from King and Vauaghan.

    Mr. King:
    At the time that it comes down, the wife of the town?s selectman istaking flying lessons and the plane hits this invisible dome, The pilot just sees the nose of the plane crumble andparts of the plane hit the ground. The gradual realization of whatthis thing is should be powerful. I thought of it as a force field.TVs won?t work, electronics won?t work.
    Mr. Vaughan:
    If you get too close to it, pacemakers will explode out of your body.

    More gore appeared on screen, apparently, with animatics showingpeople and cows sliced in half as the dome first arrives. I'm sure the imagery will be quite moderate in the finished product as Under the Dome will be airing on CBS, but half a cow is still half a cow, and a chest with a pacemaker exploding out if it still... well, it's not still a chest. It's probably quite a bit more like hot mince.

    King also commented on the show's ambition to expand on the novel:
    It?s very exciting to take the idea of the book and possibly expand it... The novel only covers a short period of time. The idea of the TV series is not to extended it for a week, but months... It?s like the book in a lot of ways. It takes different directions from the book in other ways and that?s good.
    "Possibly," he says. Does this mean that the 13-episode run won't necessarily resolve the story? Will they have an out that allows for more in a second season if the series proves popular?

    Under the Dome will premiere on CBS on June 24. Production begins in February - so quite what will be in the Superbowl ads is anybody's guess. More than a title on a shiny dome effect, please.

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    Wasn't this The Simpsons movie?

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    Bigger than the book? Damn, my hardcover of the novel is pretty damn massive.

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    The book was pretty gory to start with, as is often the case for King novels.

    It's also not one of his best, essentially being a commentary about America under Bush and Cheney with some environmentalism tossed in. While I side with Stevo's politics, I didn't feel it made for a great book. A BKV script for the pilot can only help matters.

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