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    Default Jurassic Park 4 To Be Shot In 3D, Released In June 2014

    As Steven Spielberg takes Robopocalypse, his most recent attempt at sci-fi novel turned-movie, back to the drawing board, Universal have officially set a schedule for the sequel to one of his previous successes.

    After any number of false starts, Jurassic Park is now set for a bow on June 13th 2014.

    We don't have much other new info, other than Deadline's claim that it will be shot in 3D.

    Spielberg is producing but apparently won't direct. Or, according to Variety, he might. Perhaps. We'll see about that.

    Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver were set to work on this project last summer. It would seem to be their take that has Universal feeling confident.

    Jaffa and Silver last revitalised the Planet of the Apes franchise with Dawn, and seem like a very sensible choice for this project. They can do quasi-scientific stuff with character and big action beats, then wrap it all up in a nice, tidy shape.

    Well, they at least did it once, anyway.

    The first Park is back in cinemas, in 3D - though obviously post-converted - this April. Too soon for teaser for part 4? I should imagine so.

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    Will J.J. Abrams Direct The New 'Jurassic Park' Film?
    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Hughes
    News just broke of Universal’s announcement that Jurassic Park IV will open in theaters in June of 2014. Steven Spielberg will produce, and now everyone is anxiously awaiting word on who might direct and star in the film.

    I’ll start the speculation rolling by suggesting J.J. Abrams might be high on Spielberg’s list of choices to helm the film. Abrams has obviously more than proven himself capable of handling a big effects-and-action driven franchise, and he has a working relationship with Spielberg. Abrams’ style also reflects influences from Spielberg, of course, so that would lend the film some added sense of continuity with some previous entries in the series as well.

    Word of the new 3D dinosaur flick has sent the Internet into a frenzy this afternoon, and it’ll only get more intense in the coming days and weeks. A June 2014 release date is a pretty tight schedule to meet, so the studio will have to really fast-track the production, and that means we should hear additional news pretty soon.

    Rupert Wyatt
    is the other name that comes instantly to mind to possibly fill the director’s chair. His work on Rise of the Planet of the Apes was phenomenal and demonstrated a great ability to balance visual effects action with strong story and character development.

    I’m sure more names will be tossed around as the media debates which filmmaker will get the job, but these two should be high on any short-list of nominees.

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