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    Default We're Ready For Your Head Shot, Mr Bissette

    With news that Swamp Thing: American Gothic may be getting the screen treatment by Del Toro, artist for that run, Steve Bissette tweeted;
    If this happens you're REALLY going to wish you took me up on this #FREESwampThingSketch offer:

    ? Stephen R Bissette (@SRBissette) January 8, 2013
    Which offer? This one.
    From now, Monday, January 6, until Wednesday, January 9th, at midnight sharp?at the stroke of January 9th turning to Thursday, January 10th?I will gift a FREE Swamp Thing head sketch (some with a bit of color, some black-and-white, all done with archival inks) to anyone spending $50 or more on ANYTHING (or any collective things) at the SpiderBaby Online store.

    All sketches will measure a minimum of 3? x 4?, some will be larger. It?s a crap-shoot. But I promise you a great sketch, period. I no longer do commissions, and none of corporate-owned characters, period, so this is a rare opportunity, indeed.This offer ends at the end of the day Wednesday, January 9th, at midnight.
    Especially considering when it comes to the film...
    Exciting news: ?note: we get nothing for SWAMP THING, we get royalties for CONSTANTINE only.

    ? Stephen R Bissette (@SRBissette) January 8, 2013

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    Now seemed like a good time to add some Bissette to the library.

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    I just want to derail this HUGE discussion by pointing out that I'm getting pretty sick of Rich spelling the goddang tags on his posts wrong. Man needs an editor.

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