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    Default Joseph Gordon Levitt Passed On Godzilla, Director Gareth Edwards And The Studio Have Their Own Ideas For Who Should Star

    Godzilla day continues.

    In their story about the producer in-fighting on the new Godzilla movie, The Hollywood Reporter nonchalantly noted that there were offers out to several top actors (including Joseph Gordon-Levitt and others).

    You'd think Levitt getting an offer would merit a headline, right? But since publishing, the author of that report has clarified on Twitter:
    for clarity: @krolljvar @theinsneider The Joseph Gordon-Levitt offer is from late Nov-early Dec and not valid anymore.

    ? Borys Kit (@Borys_Kit) January 7, 2013
    So who's still on the running? Variety's Justin Kroll says:
    I've heard that other names being considered include Henry Cavill, Scott McNairy and Caleb Landry Jones

    ? Justin Kroll (@krolljvar) January 7, 2013
    JGL and Cavill are studio choices, Scoot and Caleb are creative choices

    ? Justin Kroll (@krolljvar) January 7, 2013
    Good info. Nothing he turned into a story, for whatever reason, but good enough to tweet.

    McNairy worked with Gareth Edwards to great effect on his debut movie, Monsters. Caleb Landry Jones will already have X-Men: Days of Future Past on his dance card, scheduled to get rolling one month after Godzilla. I think I'd place my bet on McNairy.

    And it's interesting that Warner Bros. are backing Henry Cavill, right? They've seen him in Man of Steel, of course. Can we read this bullishness as their confidence in that film? Or at least his performance?

    Even if it's true, it still seems to be the case that Edwards doesn't want him. I always feel awkward when I see these casting short lists, doubly so when there's some indication of split opinions between the film maker and the studio.

    Stay tuned for more Godzilla. It's a crazy-fast news day, and I've got a feeling the ol' gorilla whale will be coming around again.

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    I vote Caleb Landry Jones. That guy can ACT!

    He was incredible in BYZANTIUM.

    Seriously, they need to go with him.

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