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    Default Phoenix Comic Launches App, With Free Issue. You Know, For Kids.

    Bleeding Cool has been repeatedly praising Phoenix Comic, a weekly anthology comic for kids sold in Britain. Indeed we've suggested that if you know kids in the UK that don;'read Phoenix, it's tantamount to neglect not to let them read Phoenix.

    Well now I'm taking that international. As Phoenix Comic has launched a newiOS app, with a free copy and subscription options within, individual issues selling for $2.99 or ?1.99 and SIX MONTHS WORTH of subscriptions for $13.99 or ?9.99. That's a serious bargain right there.

    So, if you have a kid or know of a kid who uses an iPad and doesn't have a Phoenix subscription, buy them one. And turn them into a comics fan for life.

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    Looks good, might give this a go.

    It says that subs automatically renew once they expire, does anyone know whether they renew at the 9.99 offer price or just start charging you the 1.99 per week?

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    It's the iOS that's the killer. I would totally buy my neice a subscription if it meant a pdf or cbr file arriving in her mum's mailbox once a week. I'm not buying her an iPad first.

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