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    Default Nice New Trailer For Juan José Campanella\'s Soccer Adventure Toon, Metegol

    The human-sized characters get more of a look in during this new, third promo forJuan José Campanella's Metegol. The film is a 3D CG toon with lots of soccer, by virtue of many of the cast being the little plastic figures from aFußball table.


    Despite the lack of absolute tip-top Pixar level polish I think this is looking pretty good - and I don't have even one drop of interest in soccer. Not at all.

    Campanella's last movie, the thriller The Secret in their Eyes, won the 2009 Oscar for best picture not in the English language. He's also directed a lot of TV including House and 30 Rock. It's a career I could be pretty jealous of.

    Both of the previous Metegol trailers popped up on Bleeding Cool, and they're worth checking out too.

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    Goodness, but that's a mighty phallic pool in front of the football star's mansion.

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