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    Default Avatar Plug of the Week ? HERO WORSHIP #6

    The most original super hero series concludes its first arc today, by writers?*Zak Penn?*(Avengers,?*X-Men II & III?*movies,?*Alphas?*TV show) and?*Scott Murphy?*(Star Wars The Clone Wars TV show)!

    All of Adam?s life has lead up to this surreal moment ? from worshiping the godly superhero Zenith to becoming the super-powered Apex to discovering the truth about his idol and the people behind the carefully crafted public persona.?* Now he must choose how to confront the truth and what will happen if he turns his own powers upon his mentor and accepts the mission to bring down Zenith.?* One way or another, there will be blood.

    Here is a sneak preview of the interior pages...

    Hero Worship #6?*is available with a Regular, Wraparound, and a special Heroic Incentive cover by?*Michael Dipascale.

    Hero Worship #6?*Regular Edition$3.99, Item Code:?*OCT120831Cover by Michael DiPascale

    Hero Worship #6?*Wraparound Edition$3.99, Item Code:?*OCT120832Cover by Michael DiPascale

    Hero Worship #6 Heroic Incentive EditionPI, Item Code:?*OCT120833Cover by Michael DiPascale

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    I had a feeling that this series would be similar to DC's THE MIGHTY or Waid's IRREDEEMABLE, both of which I enjoyed. Am I right or is it different enough to warrant a look?

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