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    Default Read Viz Comic For Free, Legally, For Twenty Minutes

    Britain's best selling comic book, Viz, a satirical comedy anthology of comics strips and mock magazine/newspaper articles with an adult reading audience, has joined the Readr App, which allows subscribers to read twenty minutes of magazines from their collection for free every month, though you can subscribe for a monthly fee for an all-you-can-eat buffet.

    This includes magazines such as NME, Horse And Hound, Fortean Times, Games, Women's Fitness, Big Issue, TV Times, Chat, Linux User & Developer, Sci Fi Now, Auto Express, Angler's Mail, All About Soap and Louisiana Cooking. So, you know, quite a range.

    There's a 7 day trial for the "Anytime" option, and then twenty minutes a month for free after that.

    Which is probably just enough time to sit back with your iPad and read Viz Comic... an excellent Eight Ace this month by the way...

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    Hen Cabin's still a fave.
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