Dean Kotz writes;

Two months ago, Ben Lichius sent me a note:

?I'm planning to put together a?*Kickstarter campaign for a new Black Coat series (titled "The Blackest Dye"). Would you be available to work on it??

I guess he was being polite, because he knew I?d say yes.?* Ben and I love creating comics together, and I?d been waiting three years to draw another adventure of the Black Coat.

The campaign launched December 2nd.?* As of today, we have less than a week left to reach our goal.

At the close of our 2009 mini-series, ?Or Give Me Death?, our hero rode off into the night.?* His current threats were defeated, but even more danger was ahead.?* ?*The American colonies were finally at war with the British, and, as both sides clashed, sinister monsters plotted in the shadows.?* Fans of the book were dying to find out what happened next.

After I drew that last page so was I.?* Ben had plenty of script ideas ready to keep both us and America?s first superspy busy for quite a while.?* We had one only problem: there just wasn?t any room in our schedules.

Comics are a time consuming art form.?* Writing a 70 page script for a supernatural espionage thriller isn?t quick.?* Filling the necessary sheets of Bristol board with pen and ink takes even longer.?* For an independent book like ours, there?s no budget for a page rate and almost never any money on the back end.?* The work has to be done during spare moments between paying gigs and day jobs.?* Sometimes, even for a labor of love, there just isn?t any time.

This is where our?*Kickstarter campaign comes in.

If it?s successful we?ll be able to give the Black Coat?s next chapter our full, undivided attention.?* The book will be finished and back from the printer no later than October 2013.?* Ape Entertainment has already agreed to print it.?* In addition to a copy of the new 66 page graphic novel, backers will receive some really exciting rewards: everything from sketches and original pages to t-shirts and cameo appearances in the book.?* There are even a few original pages available from Gabriel Hardman?s Black Coat one-shot.

Kickstarter gives us a chance to put out a book we can really be proud of, the kind of comic we as fans want to read.?* We feel too strongly about these characters and care too much about the genre to just bang something out.?* The Black Coat isn?t a movie pitch or a marketing gimmick.?* It?s our comic book love letter to pulp heroes with a Colonial American twist.?* We are excited to share the process with those who join us for the ride.

Remember, there?s danger ahead?

Check out our campaign?*here.?* And for more information about the Black Coat and his previous adventures visit