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    Default Christmas Presents For Comics People

    So what did your favourite comic book people get for Christmas today? And then post on Twitter? Here's a look...

    ONE PUNY GOD. On the first day of Christmas, Kieron Gillen got a felt oversized Loki helmet.

    TWO BLU RAYS: Scott Snyder had the compelete Complete Batman and Superman animated series.

    They always used to describe the Daleks as pepper pot shaped. For Kate Kotler there.

    FOUR WHEELS for Bryan Hitch. Boy child not included.

    Lian Cooper shows off her Spider-Onesie.

    And Jason Horn has Wonder Woman out to crush Batman.

    More to come I'm sure....

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    I got a rock.

    ...oh, wait. That's Halloween.

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    I wonder if Snyder's Batman animated series set is one of the bootleg copies.

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    And from me (who is called the name of Mr Keith Christmas, for realsies), a very Merry Christmas to all at Bleeding Cool. If nothing else, you make my life more interesting

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotJesus View Post
    I wonder if Snyder's Batman animated series set is one of the bootleg copies.
    There're bootleg copies out there? Huh. Didn't know about that. I was going to say that whoever got for him is a good friend to have because those Batman sets go for more than double what they cost back in the day. You'd think Warner Bros. would sense the demand, but there you go.

    I just hope I get my 20th anniversary Mask of the Phantasm blu-ray next year. And Static Shock season sets. And Justice League Unlimited blu-rays. Or barring that something else to keep me busy so I don't spend so much time thinking about cartoons.

    Have a good day.
    John Cage

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