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    Default Um... An Apology

    There used to be an article here. What I thought was an interesting juxtaposition. However too many other people saw something else.

    I initially amended the piece clarify intent after talking to the publisher, and they approved of the amended version.

    However, that wasn't enough for most, with many continuing to take serious offence, which was never my intent. They believed I was taking cheap shots and making mock of the sick, which was the last thing on my mind.

    There was sufficient enough of a split however. So I took a vote on Twitter over a five minute period. 18 votes for removing, 11 for keeping. One of the votes for removing was Larry Doherty... and if he is offended by something, then clearly there was an issue.

    One reader told me if I removed the post I was not a journalist. Glad that's settled then.

    I never meant to give such offence. Not with this post anyway. If it was in the pursuit of some justified endeavour then maybe I'd have lived with it, but this was only ever meant to be a silly aside. A point of curiosity, which isn't worth the pain it seems to have cause.

    To those offended, I apologise to you wholeheartedly. To those not offended, I'm sure there will be something else to entertain you along in a minute.

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    That's just cruel.

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    But Spidey WILL beat Doc Ock!......just not THIS year.....or maybe the next....but y'know, Cap was dead once TOO

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    Just cruel of marvel. There's no way someone in the loop on superior didn't see this before press
    stress- noun \ˈstres\

    The anxiety caused when a person's mind over-rides the body's natural urge to choke the living shit out of some arsehole who deserves it.

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    Bwa-haa-ha ha!

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    Well I don't know what to say. Other than a big wtf.

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    Damn it marvel... clueless. Like always

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    Wasn't there some thread about some Marvel char going to get cancer this year as a 'tie-in' with cancer awareness/research...this mean Cap's gonna get cancer? (serum gone wrong?).

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    Wait, hold on.............

    Is the hub bub about the Spidey/Doc Ock mention (it's a very vague and general "good guy can beat bad guy!" comment - also recall that Ends of the Earth was going on circa the time CAP #10 came out), or about the image next to it featuring (a possibly inappropriate) SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM!!!! comment?

    Or is it that the kid's favorite comic book is DEFENDERS.............which I call shenanigans on, personally. I know adults who don't even know who the Defenders are, or that they have their own comic, or that there was one published recently.

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