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    Default Moving Stories - Image Comics And Diamond Comic Distributors Upping Sticks

    Right now, Image Comics is on the move... from 2134 Allston Way, 2nd Floor Berkeley, CA 94704 to 2001 Center St., Sixth Floor, Berkeley, CA 94704.

    Yes, they're moving over Christmas. I do hope Santa can work out where they are... hey have been (mostly) good boys and girls.

    Diamond Comic Distributors are also moving locations later this year, from their offices at 1966 Greenspring Drive, Timonium M, taking up several floors,?* up 83 North for three miles to Hunt Valley, which will see the entire company sharing the same floor.

    Meant to be happening in June, so retailers maybe should circle that month with a big pen on their new calendars...

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    Diamond moving = MASS CHAOS

    The last time they moved we would randomly get boxes of trades. No invoice or anythings and orders were majorly screwed up. They screw up constantly now anyway.

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