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    Default How To Propose By Arc Reactor


    From Ed's Junk;
    This is by far one of more more fun projects Ive ever done! A little background first, my girlfriend, now fiancÚ, has always loved projects I?ve made and really enjoys them. She has started calling me Tony Stark (which any guy will gladly accept that comparison)?* after I created a simple Arc Reactor prop replica to sit on display on my desk. So I had a idea after I decided to pop the question! How great would it be if my ?Arc Reactor Heart? could give her the ring? So the idea was created!
    Hmm, from "Ed's Junk", I'd be expecting a very diferent kind of ring.

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    " Now pull it out, gently, and just make sure you don't touch the s... -bzzt- sides. ... Oh, nothing, I'm just going into cardiac arrest, because you... "

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