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    Default Fanboy Rampage: Mark Waid And Larry Doherty

    [caption id="attachment_215351" align="alignright" width="270"] This is what happens when you google "Mark Waid" and "Drunk"[/caption]

    On the Wordballoon podcast a few weeks ago, Mark Waid was interviewed at length about his current Marvel comics, and then after many minutes talking digital, Mark Waid took Larry Doherty from Larry's Comics as an example.
    Larry's an opinionated man, Larry goes on Twitter under the hashtag comicsmarket I salute Larry's verve and energy towards the comic market

    Larry likes to say things just to piss people off, Larry likes to say things that stir the pot, and he loves coming after me on Twitter how I'm an absolute sworn enemy of print and this week in particular picked his moment wrong, Make no mistake fellow retailers, Mark Waid would give up print in a heartbeat if I could

    Of all the weeks to say this... this is the week in which Daredevil and Hulk and Rocketeer and Steed And Mrs Peel came out, i dob;t think I've had four comics out any week ever. Clearly I like print.
    Larry didn't like this.
    Playing a word balloon podcast in the shop. NO doubt. @markwaid is a cunt. #comicmarket

    ? (@LarrysComics) December 20, 2012
    @larryscomics Merry Christmas to you, too, Larry. What set you off THIS time? ? Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) December 20, 2012
    Your mouthy podcast. RT @markwaid: @larryscomics Merry Christmas to you, too, Larry. What set you off THIS time? ? (@LarrysComics) December 20, 2012
    @larryscomics More specific, please? I'm not being disingenuous; I really don't remember what I said to set you off (this much).

    ? Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) December 20, 2012
    @markwaid you were an absolute dink towards me &my small business in a word balloon podcast. #comicmarket

    ? (@LarrysComics) December 20, 2012
    @larryscomics In what way?

    ? Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) December 20, 2012
    This was going to get brutal.
    Larry: It "sucks " when the guy that has NEVER written a shitty pront comic decides to champion digital. #comicmarket

    Mark: I have written hundreds of lame comics. How is "championing digital" hurting your store when I still write 3-4 comics/month?

    Larry: You "ARE " just waiting for digital revenue to catch print so you can abandon the DM. Admit it. Traitor

    Mark: It's not an either/or, Larry. If we can both make money on my Marvel books, why would I abandon them?

    Larry: WHY must 90% of your promotional efforts be directed towards 10% of your income? HONESTLY?

    Mark: Larry, that whole f'in PODCAST was done DURING A FOUR-HOUR STORE SIGNING. Tell me again I don't support the DM.

    Larry: You ACTUALLY signed at a primitive pop culture paper comic shop?! God bless you sir for slumming..

    Mark: Don't be a dick, Larry. I've done literally hundreds of store signings in my career and will continue to do so.

    Larry: Don't be a dink. Spend equal promotional effort digital vs print & there's NO issue.

    Mark: This is where I get angry, Larry. I've been doing this 25 years. I've given literally THOUSANDS of hours to DM promotion. More than almost ANYONE my age. 25 yrs of store signings/DM promo, Larry. And I'll continue. SORRY THAT'S NOT ENOUGH for you.

    Larry: We've BOTH been in the direct market 25+ years. WHY are we both angry?

    Mark: Because you're terrified of change and I'm not? Search me. Tell me some more how I don't do ENOUGH FOR YOU.

    Larry: Remember: Mark Waid YOU went on a podcast mouthing about me & my small business. You started it.
    Naturally it continued at length; Josh Fialkov joined in.
    Josh: You forgot the part about how you also write compulsive, addicting mainstream comics that draw in new readers.

    Larry: seriously Sir? Pig pile on me? I have done NOTHING but support you.

    Mark: Larry, Josh didn't attack you in the least. Not in the least. Do NOT lash out at my friends in paranoid rage.

    Josh: And, I really like and respect BOTH of you. Larry, you've constantly been a cheerleader for great comics and have built a wellspring of shops with a passion for the future. I just wish you two'd stop fighting. Can't we all just get along?

    Mark: In this specific case, no. Not a chance in hell. It ENRAGES me to be told that, after 25 years, I'm a "traitor."

    Josh: Rephrase: "Can't we all just pretend to get along?"

    Larry: Ha! NEVER said Josh Fialkov attacked me . Nice try. Said pig pile. He wants to be your pal.

    Larry: God bless you Mark Waid . I'm sure that selling your collection to start a digital platform had me & my family in mind.

    Mark: "Pig pile" ="dog pile" = "join in the offensive." Larry, if all DM owners were like you, I WOULD abandon you NOW.

    Cornelius Stuyvesent: Out of curiosity, as a 100% digital comics consumer what could your print shop offer me that I don't get now?

    Mark: Fear of tomorrow, snark, and the occasional borderline racist comment.

    Larry:walk the walk. You TRIED to abandon print. You failed with your multiple work for hire Eisners. Chump.

    Larry: no racist comments here Sir. Brilliant pulling that card out though.
    He's probably talking about this moment, Larry. You know, we talked about this.
    Larry:a few years ago prepared to abandon print. Things didn't work out for him & now he's back

    Josh: Well, then, so did I. I published Tumor digital only with the HC to follow. And, ultimately, it sold brilliantly.

    Mark: Oh, I see. This is just you screaming for attention and lying to get it. It's fun for you to wind me up. Congrats

    Blastoff Comics: What's that, Mark? i couldn't hear you over all these copies of DD and HULK we're selling.

    Larry:sluuuurp. Maybe mark will do a signing at your dump. ; ( I'd guess a better shop in the LA area though )

    Mark: There is no better shop in the L.A. area, Larry. Bullies ought to pick fights they can win.

    Larry:I doubt there are many shops in New England that can keep pace with my level of support.

    Mark: And I doubt there are many 25+ yr vets who can keep pace with mine. Call some more stores "DUMPS" sight unseen, Larry. Go.

    Aswimtobirds: I believe mark waid owes larry a kidney aswell?

    Larry:Actually a penis transplant

    Mark:Larry, you've got more than enough dick to go around.

    Larry:Tell my wife.

    Larry:ahhhh, now it's "hate" Like you hate the fact that you sold your print comics to fund your digital whims?

    Mark:You're clinically insane. But you love spreading the lies.

    Larry:or do you "hate" that you didn't sober up that time you made a jackass out of yourself on panel?

    Mark:"That time"? I make a jackass out of myself on panels six times a year, minimum.

    Larry:Google Mark Waid & Drunk.

    Larry:I'm a friend to my brother retailers. If attacked unseen however, am I allowed to respond in kind?

    Mark:According to you, "sticking to digital" is what makes me a traitor to the medium and the industry.

    Larry:you took a shot to leave print & failed. I'm thrilled because your an industry legend.

    Mark:I never said I was leaving print, nor have I "failed." Both are out-and-out lies, Larry. You're beneath contempt.

    Larry:Soo, WHAT possessed you to spew about my shop on Word Balloon podcast this week? You HAD to know I'd spew back.

    Mark:Yeah, I guess I figured you would, I just didn't know you'd stoop to spreading lies. You never fail to disappoint, though.

    Larry:how ate you comfortable calling me a "liar", I'm simply responding to your actions. Ok. I'll play by your rules.

    Larry:that shop "libeled" me. Fair is fair champ.

    Mark:Also, at this point, I'm not sure it's possible to libel you

    Larry: Seriously? That speaks volumes.
    Let's leave it there... odds are we'll get round two today. Well, it wouldn't be Christmas without a bit of a ding dong.

    Fanboy Rampage was a blog by Graeme McMillan dedicated to the funniest, most ludicrous and most inappropriate comic book back-and-forths online. McMillan has moved on now, becoming a proper journalist for the likes of Newsarama and Spinoff but he gave permission to Bleeding Cool to revive his great creation. Feel free to contribute your own spots of online excess.

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    I happen to be rooting for print over digital but I think that Larry would benefit the cause by making cogent arguments and not taking ad hominem attacks at people. Or just comic off as a crazy person.
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    It wouldn't be the Holidays without someone going on a drunken rant

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    And stir the pot he did. Clearly he doesn't understand that while some people who use digital have left print (at least in the monthly format) most of the people who use digital are generally a different market who were most likely were not going to go into a store anyway. Unless he does and just wants free advertising on Bleeding Cool.

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    Digital is the future. People still deny this? Stop clinging to the sinking raft.

    And if the DM wasn't so full of dirty, smelly, dimly lit nerd-holes.....then maybe the DM wouldn't be hurting so bad.
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    Why does Mark Waid spend 90% of his time promoting 10% of his income? Errr... coz that's the stuff he owns? Coz the marketing departments of the mainstream publishers he works for take care of the rest?

    Geez! Larry does not do himself any favours....

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    I seriously don't understand how a guy with a mind that warped can keep a business running.

    I buy both print and digital, but if I had to buy from a guy like that, I don't know how much longer print would last.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Johnston View Post
    Larry:I doubt there are many shops in New England that can keep pace with my level of support.
    LOL. Please, there are at least 50 comics shops in Massachusetts alone (not even counting Newbury Comics), and I've gotten stellar service--and print recommendations--from the 15 that I've ever been to (more if we count Newbury Comics), not one of which has been Larry's. Hell, despite moving out of the city, I continue to drive into Boston (a horrible experience every time) to continue going to the shop I've been going to since college because I love it and the people who work there so much. Larry, on the other hand, has personally insulted a friend of mine, and is the subject of gossip of every single one of those 15 comic shops--from people who know him personally. Who needs that kind of pain in the ass just to buy comic books?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NielsVanEekelen View Post
    I seriously don't understand how a guy with a mind that warped can keep a business running.

    I buy both print and digital, but if I had to buy from a guy like that, I don't know how much longer print would last.

    EXACTLY. Couldn't have said it better myself.

    So many shop owners today are terrible businessmen. They cry the blues about digital, yet do nothing to change their business model.

    Running a vacuum every once and awhile would be a good start.

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    "My small business..." What a fucking twat. Nobody gives a flying fuck about your "small business" that gets a nonstop parade of free advertising on Bleeding Cool. God, I wish I lived in Larry's area so that I could not shop there out of principle instead of just convenience.

    The upside? He does make a compelling argument!

    I'm taking the last of my books digital now.

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