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    Default Second Teaser For Stephen Chow's Journey To The West Brings Footage, Punchline

    Our first look at Stephen Chow and Derek Kwok'sJourney to the West was a pretty simple, announcement-style teaser. This time we get some actual footage from the film and, at the end, a rather Chow-like gag that made me make a proper noise. That superb music from the first trailer is back too.


    I love it.

    Sure, that CG isn't Life of Pi quality but Chow's made plenty of films with less invisible FX work than this and they were generally tremendous.

    Thanks to MTime for the video and these images and posters.

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    Nice to see glimpses of Monkey, Pigsy ... and possibly Sandy or whatever there equivalents are in this version. I agree about the music - although I do wonder if it's specific to the film or if it's been borrowed from the soundtrack to something else like they sometimes do with trailers. I hope it is from this soundtrack though. How long do I have to wait to see the final film in the UK? Too long...

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