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    Default V For Vendetta Screened On TV In China While Jackie Chan Suggests Protest Rights Are Restricted

    I share Variety's surprise that V For Vendetta has been aired on television in China. The screening took place on Friday night and the film was apparently completely uncut.

    I have no idea how many millions may have seen this story of a masked insurgent leading a revolution against a corrupt regime, and we can only guess what cultural impact it may - or may not - have had. Pretty soon, maybe, all of the cheap V masks won't be just made in China.

    So have things started to change in Chinese broadcasting? Xi Jinping assumed office as the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China on November 15th and he may have brought a more liberal attitude with him...

    ...or perhaps V was a one-off. Time will tell.

    On the flip side of all of this, Yahoo are quoting a recent interview with Jackie Chan in which he said that people in Hong Kong:
    scold China, scold the leaders, scold anything, protest against anything... There should be regulations on what can and cannot be protested.
    That makes his allegiance pretty clear - not that there was really any doubt before.

    Chan has a new film, Chinese Zodiac, and he was apparently speaking at its premiere. There's a new trailer for the film, timed to its release, that reveals a bit more plot context than previously, so here's that - thanks to Twitch for the embed.

    What isn't fully clear in that trailer is how pro-China the film is. Some reviews have already criticised the film for selling out its action and suspense for a political agenda. Very disappointing news.

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    See this is what happens when you work with Brett Ratner so go full communist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Comet View Post
    See this is what happens when you work with Brett Ratner so go full communist.
    I blame Chris Tucker. High-pitched noises tend to cause insanity.
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    It's such a shame that the guy is such a lost cause. One of the idols of my youth as willing follower and spokesman of a dictatorial regime.
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    There should be regulations on how many crap movies an actor can make.

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