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    Default Dominik Moll's The Tunnel Is A Remake Of Swedish-Danish Thriller The Bridge

    Britain's Sky and France's Canal Plus are teaming up to rework the Swedish-Danish co-production, The Bridge. That story started with the discovery of a dead body exactly half way across the bridge between Sweden and Denmark, this victim thereby being in both countries at once, giving both jurisdiction.

    As you'd guess, the Anglo-French do-over will put the dead body half way along the Channel Tunnel.

    According to Spin Off (found via Spoiler TV) the ten episodes of The Tunnel are to be directed by Dominik Moll, previously of The Monk, Lemming and Harry - He's Here to Help. Just about the perfect choice, I think. If you don't know his stuff at all, you might want to start with my interview with him from around the release of The Monk then start firing up the Instant Watch.

    There's an American remake coming too set, yes, on the border between the States and Mexico. According to one Twitter user who has read the script, many of the Mexican characters will be speaking English.

    I think The Tunnel will be fully bi-lingual. I mean, the original Bridge was enough of a hit in Britain to suggest we're not scared of subtitles.

    Actually... come to think of it, The Bridge was successful enough that I don't know if we need a remake at all. Still, Moll's good and they're spending something like 2 million euros an episode so they should be able to get a decent cast and crew.

    Here's the blurb, translated by Google from the French:
    A famous French politician is found murdered in the Channel Tunnel, his body is disposed exactly on the border between France and England.Police, French and English, is called to the scene.What at first glance appears to be a simple murder will finally be both.The body has been cut into two at the size and then assembled to form one only.Lower body belongs to a prostitute English.This amazing double homicide is only the beginning of a wave of violence never seen before.Police two neighboring countries is a difficult constraint to cooperation against a serial killer who is defined as "terrorist truth", pointing over his murder, the moral bankruptcy of modern European society.

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    This sounds very much like "Bon Cop, Bad Cop", a 2006 film from my country of Canada - a dead body appears on the Quebec/Ontario border, so both provinces have jurisdiction. A rebellious francophone cop teams up with a by-the-books anglophone cop to solve the crime. Hilarity ensues. Big hit over here, for what it's worth.
    Shot in both English and French.
    Bon Cop Bad Cop - Trailer (English) - YouTube

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    Having seen both "The Bridge" and "Bon Cop, Bad Cop", they take the same starting point and go in very different directions. Still, any excuse to post this clip.

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