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    Default Cammy's Covers - From Adventure Time to Avengers Arena

    Cameron Hatheway writes for Bleeding Cool

    Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #3 (Variant) by Neal Adams

    Choosing this cover came to be a surprise for me. While I appreciate the contributions Neal Adams has made to the comics medium, his style in recent years has been pretty hit-or-miss for me (i.e. Batman: Odyssey). That being said, he?s totally won me over with this cover in particular. Here we have Dr. Manhattan giving himself the iconic tattoo that we?re all used to, but it?s the scientastic leopard design that has me head-over-heels in love with this cover. My eyes are darting all around, trying to decipher if all scientific freckles are alike, or different (like snowflakes). The transparent hand over the eye is the icing on the cake, and this is definitely a variant cover worth owning.

    Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens #6 by JaB & Lisa Moore

    Again, I feel the need to emphasize the further along I am in seasons of Adventure Time (I?m almost done with the second season), the more likely I am to swoon over covers like this one. Then again, I instantly got a feeling of Piet Mondrian when viewing this cover, despite it being the artist?s intention or not. Will Marceline?s daddy ever know how upset she was when he ate her fries? She cried, good sir, despite the fact you didn?t see her cry. There are many panels to view on this cover, which is fun when you try and spot characters who aren?t Marceline or Princess Bubblegum (I?m a fan of Tree Trunks and Beemo, personally). Awesome cover, definitely fits the category of ?Algebraic!?

    Avengers Arena #1 by Dave Johnson

    This is my favorite cover of the week, hands down. After an entire year of ?Is The Hunger Games a rip-off of Battle Royale and The Running Man?!? (Spoiler: it?s not) It?s nice to see an actual homage to the later by the magnificent Reverend Dave Johnson. With the Avengers Academy graduating to this next level, it?s rather enticing to see what situations the students might be in for with a Battle Royale type of format. For instance, why are Red Raven and Bloodstone(?) crossed out? That doesn?t bode well, and I?ll be contacting my bookie shortly after this write-up. It would be considered blasphemy to include the MARVEL REVOLUTION NOW NEW 52 BUKKAKE banner on a Dave Johnson piece, so I did you all a favor and cropped it out. You?re welcome, America.

    Cameron Hatheway is the host of Cammy?s Comic Corner, an audio podcast. You can contribute to his Gail Simone shrine on Twitter @CamComicCorner.

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    You sure chose some horrible comics for their covers this week.
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