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    Default Epicenter Comics, A New San Diego Company, To Publish Sergio Bonelli Comic Magic Wind

    Epicenter Comics is a new publisher set up in San Diego. Look, here is their Facebook page. This is likely to be their website. Their president is one Igor Maricic. Their street address is 7120 Shoreline Drive. Igor Maricic has his own Facebook page too.

    So what small projects are they going to put out?

    Well, initially, the publications of Sergio Bonelli, who was one of the most powerful people in European comics until his recent death. Bonelli is represented internationally by Panini.

    Previously his work had been published by Dark Horse and IDW, with covers by Dave Gibbons, Mike Mignola, Art Adams and Ashley Wood.

    The first book they'll be publishing is Magico Vento, or Magic Wind. Its creator and writer, Gianfranco Manfredi told a Bleeding cool source;
    ?The publisher is Epicenter Comics (San Diego) , distribution Diamond. I don't know exactly when it will appear, 'cause they wait for the newcolor-edition, so i suppose after march 2013.?
    A horror-western in a completed series of 131 issues (94 pages each), eleven issues of which were drawn by Goran Parlov, who also drew special covers for the Croatian edition, that ran from 1997 until 2010.

    Originally in black and white, the American edition will be full colour.

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    Yes, this is very good; I am ready,
    to read in English some great fumetti.

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    Best of luck to them. I enjoyed reading Dark Horse's collection of Dylan Dog, although I was initially put off by the Mignola cover. I wish they had used art from the series as the cover, as that art is much more attractive IMO.

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    Will they change Poe´s name & looks, like Dark Horse did with Dylan Dog´s "Grouxo"?

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