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    Default The Top 10 Most Searched For Movies On Google And Yahoo In 2012

    Both Google and Yahoo have presented their year-end lists of search trends, and amongst this they've announced the top ten movie title searches of 2012 on each of their engines.

    There are some significant differences. I suppose these might tell us something about the various users of these respective services - "I'm a Google. And I'm a Yahoo" - but I'll leave it to you read it how you will. I think, though, I'm personally more of a Google.

    Here's Yahoo's List.

    10. The Expendables 2

    9. Skyfall

    8. Snow White and the Huntsman

    7. Prometheus

    6. Magic Mike

    5. Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 2

    4. The Amazing Spider-Man

    3. The Avengers

    2. The Dark Knight Rises

    1. The Hunger Games

    Three comic book movies placed near the top, five films that are sequel-prequels - six if you count Spidey, seven if you count Hunger Games as its sequels were all but assured before it even started shooting. And, indeed, some sort of follow up to every film on that list has been promised - though in the case of the Batman movie it will be a reboot of some kind, most likely.

    And now, Google's list.

    10. Dark Shadows

    9. Taken 2

    8. Paranormal Activity 4

    7. Ek Tha Tiger

    6. John Carter

    5. Magic Mike

    4. The Avengers

    3. Prometheus

    2. Skyfall

    1. The Hunger Games

    I think it's now pretty clear that there's a lot of people searching The Hunger Games all over the web.

    Note that five films from each list didn't factor on the other. Batman and Spider-Man didn't get a look in at Google, while John Carter actually placed pretty well - I guess a lot of folk were looking to find out what the hell this nondescript title was actually attached to.

    If you missed Ek Tha Tiger, which is kind of a Hindi take on James Bond movies, here's its trailer.


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    Marvel: S-man 2099, Rocket Raccoon
    DC: Wonder Woman, Injustice, Detective Comics, Sandman Overture
    Indie: Sonic the Hedgehog, MegaMan, Street Fighter, SkullKickers, Fatale, Elephantmen, Afterlife of Archie, The Wicked+The Divine

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    I didn't realize people were still using Yahoo to search for stuff.

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    Yes! Ek Tha Tiger! I love all those Indian movies. They're all like 3 hours long and, regardless of genre, have a dance number somewhere in the middle. So awesome.

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